If you we're able to get a whiff of this love potion, how would it smell to you?

I think mine would be a mix of books, mud, and cinnamon.

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Old books, sugar cookies, and wood.
Or maybe Earl Grey tea instead of the cookies.
I honestly can't choose which is better.
Earl Grey FTW
Books, chineese food, popcorn....mmmm.
And barnes and noble smells like books AND frappuccinos! That wasn't a typo, it's spelled with an f.
Used books, wet grass, vanilla
Old books (the older, the better), fresh CD/DVD cases, a hot CD/DVD, hot electronics, new car, leather, engine grease, cloves, cinamon, fresh naval oranges, fresh cut grass, rain, soil, fresh cut cedar, oak, and pine, woodsmoke (not directly inhaled, of course), and dawn in the mountains. Of course, I don't think all of these smells would occur, just that the smells that do come would probably be from this pool. It's funny, but I don't like the smell of's just.....ugh >_> Maybe it's just the local materials, maybe it's just me, I don't know.
The smell of my fifth grade teacher's copy of The Fellowship of the Ring (Peanut butter and pine sap, and dirt), and fabric softener.
old books, snapple iced tea, and biscuits. =D.
books, leather, hay, rosewood, tea tree, cedar, clove...I like spicy smells.
bookshops, custard and warm spring rains.

perhaps not all together.
Loose leaf Assam tea, Freshly baked bread and ocean spray


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