If you we're able to get a whiff of this love potion, how would it smell to you?

I think mine would be a mix of books, mud, and cinnamon.

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Books, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Watermelon Sherbert probably

Pine, vanilla, fresh baked bread(or anything baking really cakes cookies slices) and peppermint.

And maybe some sweet smelling flower that I won't be able to name but will make me think of some childhood memory.

Edit and books I didn't think it needed to be said but I thought maybe I should add it just in-case any of you thought I was in the wrong group.

Rain, leather, and vanilla.
Books, rain, freshly cut grass and vanilla.

Mine would smell of Love, Hugs and Rainbows.

Ok no, please ignore that.


New book smell, hot toffe, syrup, rain, fresh air, tea aaaaand...Gummi bears! If you just bite them and then sniff....Oh inhale the scent of that gummi that was released by your nomming...I love that.

Bookstores, nighttime, snow and lasagna. Possibly Christmas as well.
Rain, books, cinnamon, turkey enchiladas, wood smoke, dark chocolate.
Fresh mulch, pumpkin, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, books, and puppies. (oddly enough, puppies have a distinct, nice smell. at least I think so.)
books, fresh cut grass, and rain :)
it would smell like outside and winter and half gingers and something that is just a smell with no name

 Hmm, I'm not sure. Probably Christmas (I don't know how to describe the smell of Christmas, kind of like a cross between gingerbread cookies and pavements wet with snow), the smell of the ocean, and a freshly made green tea frappechino with whipped cream <3 

blue soft mints,

fresh laundry,

my mums pillow,

guy smell (the nice smelling ones obviously)

new book smell

and the store room at my work - its full of cole and kindling and logs and charcoal, it smells like winter. x


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