I was on facebook, when my verry religious Relitives found me, and we started this convorsation

1:lindsay a cousin
2: me
3: an aunt or somthing

it is quite a civilized conversation for the most part, except i thought the whole "my god is the real one, allah was invented by man" comment.... that made me giggle

here it goes

1:O God, the author of all good, I come to You for the grace another day will require for its duties and events. I know that without You I can do nothing, that everything with which I shall be concerned, however harmless in itself, may prove an occasi...on of sin or folly, unless I am kept by Your power. (From The Valley of Vision)
2:idk, i do just fine without god, rofl
1:Maybe you think you are fine, but it depends on how you define that word Cuz. You breathe, you eat good food, you may laugh and feel pleasure, may enjoy friends and discovery of knowledge (all wonderful gifts from God) but are you filled with hope for the future, joy in trials, certainty about where you will go when you die, and exhilirating ... Read Morefulfillment and satisfaction that there is nothing more, nothing greater, nothing more amazing than the treasure you've found in God? Without God I can do nothing of eternal value, but with Him I can live the fullest, most adventurous life possible!
2: when i i die, im ganna rot in the ground, too much going on in life to worry about things when your dead
1: Is that where you think Grandpa went? Into the ground to rot with no hope of life after death?
3: I am going to make one comment here about this discussion. Caleb, that is a big risk to take if you are wrong! Throughout our universe God has provided example after example to show that he is there, not believing in God does not change the face that HE IS THERE in the same way that you can believe that gravity does not exist but that does not ... Read Morechange the fact it keeps you on the ground. The real question for you to think about is what I am I going to say to an Almighty, Holy God when I die if I am wrong about rotting in the ground? That is a scary prospect. But, if you admit you need a Savior, repent of the things you have done wrong, and believe in Jesus Christ, God will only see you a perfect child of Him and with 100% certainty will spend eternity in the wondrous loving presence of God. If not, you will go to Hell which is the absence of ALL good, ALL love, and God is not present, only eternal suffering. Like I said before you take an extreme risk!
2:hey all im saying, is i beleive our time to exsist is short, that makes life even more precious, and you should try living it as happy as you possibly can, if you think its a risk not to belive in your god, by that logic, you must pray to allah to not risk that either
3: God is beyond all human reason, understanding and logic! He is not a human being that he should lie, he is all Truth. Allah is a god that is invented by a human being, Mohamed, so there is no logic in that...All I am saying to YOU is what you stake is your ETERNAL destination, mine is not in question it rests solely on what Jesus Christ did on ... Read Morethe cross dying for the sins of the WHOLE world including yours. I do believe life is short and precious, therefore where we spend eternity is more important than anything. If there is no God than life shouldn't be precious at all, because it has no value and is meaningless, we are just a bag of DNA acting out a natural process. There is NO meaning to anything if there is no God.
2: First off, its kind of ignorant to assume your god is the only true one, your god could of just as well of been made up, but thats not what im saying. Life is good, not meaningless, the fact its even exsists makes it a bliss to enjoy. with or without god, life is a great thing, to think otherwise, would be a waste. Life is precious, if everyone who... Read More ever lived will live for ever anyway, how does that make life anymore or anyless meaningfull. to think life is meaningless, is a horrible thing to say, regardless of motives. i hope you realise, That while i type this, im happy, not angry, not sad. Im happy that your trying to "save" me. to not to would be madness.

becuse according to your beleifs hell is the worst thing in exsistens, if so, you would really have to hate me to not try and save me.

in my eyes life exsists for life, only things that we see meaningless truely lack a meaning, but as long as someone, a single person, or creature, thinks that our universe is a great thing, it will always have meaning, with or without a Diety

1: agree with you Caleb. Life should be lived as happy as possible. I believe that we are most satisfied, happy, and get the greatest pleasure in life when God is made much of in our lives. So, serving God isn't saying no to pleasure, it's seeking after pleasure with utmost abandon. I don't believe in God out of fear, but because of His love for... Read More me, and how He has transformed my life, filled me with the greatest hope, and continually shows Himself in my life, answering prayer, speaking to me through His word, and taking care of me. We all worship something because we were made to worship. Some people worship money, sex, status, fame, friends, family, religion, music, sports, their job, their bodies, etc. Trouble is, since we were made to worship God, if we worship anything else we will find that it doesn't satisfy. It's just an idol. Worshiping God satisfies.
You're such a smart kid, you should tackle the really difficult-to-read book The Reason For God and see what you think of it.

2:I gained no pleasure, when i went to church daily, what sank into my head, was how the christian faith, is the only true one and how all others were evil.

At a young age this confused me, becuse i saw little difference between Christianity and other Abrahamic Religions, yet they all claimed the other was false. I dissagree with you, that people were ment to worship. i beleive we are designed to survive, and gained the ability to do more than that. Religion has helped the human race many times in the past, i wont ignore that. But in a way i dont worship anything.... Read More

in your eyes, you could say that i worship my computer, or my play-station, or even my text books. but the truth is, I just enjoy a good story, I loved the bible, (thought it was kinda scary tho) but didnt see any reason to stone gays in the street. I love to expand my knowledge, I don't set aside a certain thing to base my life around. my life feels unbelievably more full than it did when i worshiped everyday
your free to your opinion, as i am to my own, as by your gods intentions he did give us free will.

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Very interesting. It really erks me when religious people say their religion is the right one and all others are wrong. grrrr.....
But doesn't everyone* do that? Not just the religious people.

Atheists tell me I'm wrong rather often. And they try to disprove God.

I find it irksome as well.

*I use the term "everyone" loosely.
I've never been preached to by a Buddhist.
I have friends who have been.
Atheists shouldn't tell you you're wrong. They can question your logic, your reasons, and your rationalism, but even atheists have to acknowledge their conclusions could be false. To be otherwise is to have faith.
I'm not sure how much I agree with this - atheism is simply a belief in the lack of a greater theistic entity, and as such, it functions in more or less the same way as any other belief system (or, for the purposes of this discussion, religion) would.

I think what you might be referring to is agnosticism, which is essentially the idea that one can not claim certainty in any theistic knowledge - or I might be misunderstanding completely.
As an atheist I disagree. I'm not sure what conclusion you are referring to, either. I don't have all the answers, I just need proof of something before beliving it to be true I don't acknowledge that that is wrong, or false.
To quote the great Douglas Adams, "I don't believe there isn't a god, I know it."
I don't think they were really atheists if they tried to "disprove" god. One cannot disprove something that doesn't exist, or of that there is no proof. It's not the atheists responsibility or agenda to disprove anything, it is those who claim that there is a god, and certainly those who claim there is a particular god, who have the burden of proof, and that proof, not having been shown, is why atheists are atheists. Atheists don't claim to have all the answers. We just want proof of something before we believe it.
That was well-worded.

Isn't proof for a non-belief needed?
Atheists want proof of something before they believe in it. Shouldn't they also need proof before deciding they shouldn't believe in it?
I think this is where trying to prove there is no God comes in. You need to prove your non-belief to be true by showing our view false. Just as we need to prove our belief to be true and your view false. Yes?

Eeesh. This is a messy discussion.
Atheists want proof of something before they believe in it. Shouldn't they also need proof before deciding they shouldn't believe in it?

There is no hard evidence for Leprechauns or the Loch Ness Monster, so I don't believe in them. Similarly, there is no proof of god, so I don't believe in one.
The best part about this is that there really is evidence that there isn't a "_____" god. If you look at the dogma of Christianity, you will find countless errors (such as say light and dark being created and separated before the sources that make light were created, Adam and Eve being punished for their act of evil when they had no knowledge of good and evil because they hadn't yet eaten from the tree). The same can be said with any other religion that I am well accustomed with. While I can point out errors and miscalculations, if someone chooses to disagree with me and believe solely on faith that their god exists, I am perfectly fine with that. Who am I, as an atheist, to tell someone that what they believe based on no factual evidence (that they're trying to push on anyone in any circumstance) which makes them happy is wrong? I personally just wish that all, and if not most, theists would abide by the same principals.


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