Isn't it pretty sad (and kind of revolting) that Americans have finally voted their first black president and are so happy about the whole race thing, but an atheist candidate would probably stand no chance?

Or would he/she?

Do we know anything about possibly "closet-agnostic/atheist" former American presidents who just never came out publicly?

I live in Europe and I'm glad that our political figures at least act out their religiousness in private for the most part, if at all. It doesn't seem to matter all too much over here overall, and it's a good thing we don't really have to deal with religion in politics.

Only downside is ... we still have the Pope. lol

So what do you think? Would an atheist candidate in the near future stand a chance if they ran for president of the US?
Not to say that I would vote for someone simply based on the fact that they were agnostic or atheist -- obviously a president has much more important standards to fulfill than that.

But I thought it's an interesting question.

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Maybe the best strategy for an atheist trying to achieve political success would be to appear neutral, prove they're of genuine value as a political figure, gather followers, etc., and only actually out themselves once they've been in office long enough?
Wouldn't it then be clear that the only thing "wrong" with them was irrelevant to their country's success?
Clearly, turning away from them at that point would be considered unconstituional?

Or would people become suspicious if the candidate did not finish every sentence with "God bless America"?
My dream of becoming a politician is slowly dying. lol.
Does anyone think the general consensus is going to change in the next 20-30 years or so?
Maybe, maybe not. I hope it will change quicker than that, but then again, think how long it took people to accept homosexuality, and that's not even equally well accepted all over the US yet, let alone around the globe.
I said the frist black Pres wouldn't work so I'm open-minded about this it could totally happen.
At this point in history NO out-of-the-closet atheist would make it to high office in the United States. It is simply impossible. Maybe in a few decades.
I would agree that right now in the USA, this would be impossible. Over here in the UK, though, Deputy Prime Minister (and leader of the Liberal Democrats) Nick Clegg is openly atheist.
They probably wuldn't stand much of a chance :( Sadly, a lot f Americans Vote on religion. I mean, look how many people voted for Bush and his uber Christian ass. Though, I have to say, and Atheist president would rock! Maybe we'd finally get "In God we trust" off all our shit! 

I think it is possible but unlikely. People will say that they have no morality and that a person with no morals can't run the country. Even though that neither statement is true (aethiests do have morals and lets be honest  to be a politician you have to leave your morals at the door). But it really isn't about what the truth is, but what people think the truth is. Also people will claim that an aethiest will ban religion, which i think is untrue. Most aethists don't care about what religion people hold just that they don't mess with our religion of non-belief. I think that the aethists candidate would lose a lot of the votes from their party because any die hard religious will not want an aithiest president. I think the attack would be brutal as well. Anyone who runs as an aeithiest would have to be ready to be called all manner of terrible things some that will not even make sense but will all hurt.  

Hell no. Did you hear about the fit everyone threw over Obama's potential Islamic beliefs that don't exist? Hell would freeze over before an openly atheist candidate was elected president.

I'm optimistic that this could happen in the future, and hopefully even in my lifetime, but it simply couldn't happen today.

In Tennessee it's still illegal for an atheist to hold public office.

Because Tennessee is full of backwards fundamentalists. They just passed a law on Monday that will allow *gag* creationism and climate change denial to be taught in science classes. I'm ashamed to live here.

That's one of the great things about Australia. Our Prime Minister is an atheist and a woman and I'm pretty sure no one even blinked an eye, let alone attacked her for it. 


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