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(shamelessly self-bumped)
I'm trying to help better the world, okay? just sayin'
Aww, it certainly is an awesome book!!
I really want it.
That is amazing. Its hilarious, true to life, not to mention the amazing artwork. Definatly worth fifteen dollars, I'm so glad I just got Christmas money. Now, how do I make the shipping process speed up? *ponders*
yay! isn't it great? I am planning to wait for it to hit bookstores, and then it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. spread the word!

p.s. cute points: he wrote it for his son, and then others saw it and it took off. "awww" right?
I bumped into this book a few months ago, bookmarked the website, and re-read it every time I feel down. I don't cry over books - just movies and random songs for some odd reason - but I cried reading this book, I got through like six pages. It is such a beautiful book. I just wanted to say that from what I've read, it won't be in general bookstores, he sells them all himself. I will be buying my own copy soon enough, as soon as I have the money to purchase it. And thanks for starting this thread, people should read the book, it is an awesome book.
I am so excited to hear you've read it! I agree that it's crazy beautiful. The next time I find myself not poor or starving, I'm definitely buying myself a copy.
I stumbled upon this on stumbleupon and died!! It is very awesome.


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