So in the course of watching and reading different things in the inordinate amount of spare time I have, I have run across this group.  I wanted to bring this up on here to see what other people thought about this "hacktivist" group, and get some thoughts and feelings.

It almost seems redundant, like every other politician or social group, because I like some of their ideas while others seem to be totally irrelevant.  I'm for open source information, and non-censorship.  I don't know that I would go hacking into certain websites in order to prove my point though. 

Any thoughts on where fellow NerdFighters stand with this group?

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I guess it depends. If you do it to shut down or cause damage to a legal operation than it's wrong. Are innocent people going to be hurt by this hacktivism? 

Well yes and no, I guess.  The main thing that they are credited with would be the taking down of some commercial sites like Visa, Mastercard and Paypal for a certain period of time.  The reasoning behind this is because these major sites stopped and completely sealed off funds from the website  So... were innocent people hurt?  I'm not really sure hurt would be the right word.  Were innocent people possibly inconvenienced by this?-- probably.  I was just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts about it.

On the whole, I'm glad they are there, even with their problems. Historically, their other campaigns have been a lot more creative than DoS attacks.

Well innocent people have lost money and possibly jobs. That hurts. Why would they do that to them? They are not wikileaks. They have the right to not support wikileaks. Heck I don't support wikileaks. I think people  there should be tried for treason. That, though is besides the point. Who suffered at Visa and Paypall and MC? The people who's investment/retirement/401k account not the executives it is the people who loose their jobs or hours worked  because the companies had to  make up the revinue somewhere. My point is the wrong people end up paying for that immature BS.  I say spread the word if you have something to say not make innocents suffer cause you have a bug up your butt.

I haven't quite looked into this topic however I do believe that they are targeting corporations rather than innocent people. Most of the people being "exposed" if that is the right term were either officials who abused their power or major corporations. In terms of what they did with Paypall, I personally don`t think they were attempting to attack innocent people but rather create awareness. If innocent people were hurt by this it`s a shame, but I do believe anonymous or these hacktivists should be applauded for their actions. Some of which I do admit are too extreme. 

Every now and then they do something that I disagree with but for the most part I like them a lot.

While it is true that they weren't targeting innocent people but they know that innocent people will suffer. The corporation is not a person. You need to go after people. The people who should have been targeted, if anyone, is the executives. Did the executive suffer other than getting a headache, NO. I don't agree with making innocents suffer to send a message to someone else. For example the crazy bomber/shooter/multiple murder in the news lately in europe sending a message about his govt and muslums. Wrong people suffered. I don't know everything wikileaks did except for the leaking of sensative info about the wars. TREASON. I am for hanging them for that. 

Going after the person usually hurts their families more and is a lot more serious. I much prefer that they annoy their businesses. Most of these businesses should be equipped to deal with these attacks anyway.

YES how they deal with it by cutting back on things. Not thee executives buy the hourly workers. The exec's are on salary. The wrong people are hurt. The exec's are just annoyed. 

Are you saying that the hourly workers get less hours and are hurt the most? Also, the execs probably have stocks and they get hurt there.

YES that is what I am saying. If you bring down a company like paypall. While it is down 

things that would have been bought on a whim wouldn't be bought maybe not ever. An innocent merchant. People who work at paypall go to work and they say "we're shut down nothi9ng to do go home". The exects are on salary their paychecks didn't get hurt. As for their stocks they already know to diversify. That is why I say it is just an annoyance to them.

Paypal probably doesn't have many hourly employees. They are a software company and any work related to maintaining the website would be salaried or contracted out to other companies. If they did have hourly employees, they would probably be more like janitorial staff and the work would have nothing to do with the website.


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