Anyone up for it? Probably about 4 other people would be good... We could rotate days and whatnot... Thanks!

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How about vlogging?


I'd like to join :)
I'd do it :)

Hi.  I am interested!  Or at least in making friends through blogging.  I have recently started blogging again which is good.  My name is Keiko by the way.  I am from Florida then London and now I live in Macau, outside of hong kong where I work for Cirque du Soleil.  My blog is here:


Since I just started up again I think it would be cool to start with some other people and maybe follow what everyone is doing that way. 

Hi!  I'd definitely be interested :D  I've recently started blogging again, and I've been looking for something like this!

Although a few people have already replied, so it's cool if I can't do it :)

I'll do it! I love blogging. My own is way too fun, and I love illustrating it.
Hey, sorry I haven't replied to this discussion yet, my bad. So if you're interested in the blogging group, just shoot me a message with your email and we can set it up and stuff.
Best wishes,
If you still need someone, I'm in.
Yeah we do. Shoot me a message with your email, k?

I'd be up for this too if you still need someone :]


Youtube Links!

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