Any nerdfighters who live in north west England post here! Let's have our own gathering!!!!! :):) :)

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Yep, I am in Liverpool.

I will be busy with other gatherings every weekend in august though.
This discussion makes me miss the lake district
Yes, Liverpool :)
trying to organise with my friend getting down to London in August for the nerdfighters gathering on the 14th, its so difficult so it would be great to holda gathering the the north west! :)
Everyone should ask their friends it think we need a few more ppl till we could really arrange anything. Any Ideas on where we could have it?
this needs to be brought back up =] we need more people from the north west, too many in the south haha
i live in Liverpool!...? :) There's this? two years late, I know. But still :')

Manchester. ^^ Gathering?
I'd travel to Manchester! we should organise one
Yes, Manchester gathering. Okay, when? whereabouts?
Ohh i dont know ^^
maybe like during a school/college half term or something, because im quite busy at the moment with college and stuff! but it'd be great to meet other nerdfighters in the north-west
Yeah, college is quite busy ^^ half term sounds good. :)


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