I've had a YouTUbe account for ages, but I only recently started to post vid's. I was just wondering if there are any other new YouTube Nerd FIghters out there who wanted some support? So post up your links homies! Thats right... I'm weird ^.^

Another awesome person on youtube I just wanted to put out there is Giotto17
They have really done some awesome work.

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I've been on Youtube less then a year, posting videos that is. 1 of my vids has 800some views. I've got over 100 vids on my channel, a collab channel I have with one other uploading friend. I post gaming vids, replies to vlogbrother stuff, 10 hour loops of Hank's songs, (so far I have one for A Song About an Anglerfish, one for DFTBA, and one for WWCPD?), and some skype calls that me and other members of The Epic Society (as we like to call ourselves) just chat in. I'd love to do collabs with other gamers. Minecraft is one of my more commonly posted games, but I've got plenty of other things we can play. Go to and check out my stuff. If you like what you see, let me know!

Just started vlogging a few weeks ago :) I have 12 videos up so far, having a lot of fun with it! Check it out. I'm actually being consistent with uploads (3 a week, MWF), so new videos always being added!

Hey! Just put my first video for my new channel up! Would love if you could take a look! :D

Hi guys, just put my first vlog up, and Ive got loads in store, so check it out, and subscribe :)

I only started Vlogging this week, still figuring it out, but it would be great if any of you could go and take a look :)

My sister also uploaded her first video shortly after, and she's as nervous as I am, but she's great and you should go and subscribe to her too :)

The Irony of Pokemon and the Story of Lorrainebow! Please check it out! :D       Please watch at least this video =) thanks

I guess I am both a new Nerdfighter and YouTuber, I have only been vlogging since April 2012. Do I pass? :) 

Umm You want my channel? K 

So, I'm more looking for advice and feedback more than anything else. Any help would be awesome!

I only started making videos last week, so I'm definitely new to this!

Check out my latest video here:

Send me a link to your channels and I'll check you out! ;D

I so read this wring when I commented on your video, thought it was your first lol. Sorry :-)

I vlog about my interests. feel free to check it out!


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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