I've had a YouTUbe account for ages, but I only recently started to post vid's. I was just wondering if there are any other new YouTube Nerd FIghters out there who wanted some support? So post up your links homies! Thats right... I'm weird ^.^

Another awesome person on youtube I just wanted to put out there is Giotto17
They have really done some awesome work.

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Just started vlogging a few weeks ago :) I have 12 videos up so far, having a lot of fun with it! Check it out. I'm actually being consistent with uploads (3 a week, MWF), so new videos always being added!

Hey! Just put my first video for my new channel up! Would love if you could take a look! :D

Hi guys, just put my first vlog up, and Ive got loads in store, so check it out, and subscribe :)

I only started Vlogging this week, still figuring it out, but it would be great if any of you could go and take a look :)

My sister also uploaded her first video shortly after, and she's as nervous as I am, but she's great and you should go and subscribe to her too :)

The Irony of Pokemon and the Story of Lorrainebow! Please check it out! :D       Please watch at least this video =) thanks

I guess I am both a new Nerdfighter and YouTuber, I have only been vlogging since April 2012. Do I pass? :) 

Umm You want my channel? K 

So, I'm more looking for advice and feedback more than anything else. Any help would be awesome!

I only started making videos last week, so I'm definitely new to this!

Check out my latest video here:

Send me a link to your channels and I'll check you out! ;D

I so read this wring when I commented on your video, thought it was your first lol. Sorry :-)

I vlog about my interests. feel free to check it out!

Hey hi! :D My friend Jono and I are relatively new YouTubers. We're from Australia anddddd we try and get 1 or 2 videos up a week. So y'know ... watch if you want :D

I went to watch your videos but they appear to have been deleted ... :O


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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