Hiii All!

I'd like to know if there are more piano playing nerdfighters around! :)

I play alot of popsongs, but also music from videogames like Final Fantasy and Xenogears (:
And you?

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I wish i could play piano, thats so cool.
Everyone in my group of friends can play piano like really well
I feel so left out all the time. :(
You can learn it! You should! Its so awesome (and nerdy 8D)
You should buy a cheap keyboard or something, and try it! :P Or ask your friends! :P
Awhhh I'm trying to learn to play the guitar, I can play A, C, G, D, E, F, Am, Em, Bm. And thats it. :P I think its hard, but practice makes perfect :)
I've been playing for 15 years, but I really want to learn to play the guitar!
I was always forced to play classical, but I like playing pop and new age (like David Lanz, check him out!)
I have but one goal in life and this is too play Behind Blue Eyes by THE WHO on piano. Then I may die peacefully, preferably while playing that song.

Also, I do own a piano and played for a bit so I have minor knowledge and if I actually got the music notes for the song I could teach myself after enough time.
kinda of. i can play some songs. i play the guitar.
I have a keyboard, and I can play basic stuff. I have some issues with 2 hands and reading 2 clefs at the same time. But I'm starting piano lessons on Tuesday!
Yessss! I mainly play stuff in my lesson books, haha. But I also learned Victor's Piano Solo from the Corpse Bride and I just ordered some sheet music from Pride and Prejudice. So,yay.
Well, I've been taking lessons for 6 years now and I think I'm pretty good for that ^^. I actually take keybaord lessons, but it's been more like piano lessons for some time now.

I like to play popsongs, too, tho there are some nice classical things :D
I had piano lessons from when I was 7 until around 14. In that time I had five different teachers, so I knew most of the stuff I needed to, to pass my grade 3 exam, but I didn't know a lot of the basics, which made it difficult. I'm learning the drums and guitar now, so my keyboard is gathering dust. =]
i can play seasame street super mario bros im wirking on zelda :D
and im working on playing guitar :P
I love playing the piano. I've played the piano for over a decade now, I think. But I quit piano classes ages ago.
And I'm not a very good piano player, to be honest.
I play mostly movie soundtracks, but also pop songs.

Does anyone need any sheet music? I *might* have some on my computer :P


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