Hiii All!

I'd like to know if there are more piano playing nerdfighters around! :)

I play alot of popsongs, but also music from videogames like Final Fantasy and Xenogears (:
And you?

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Classical piano FTW!! I've been playing for 12 years and I LOVE Chopin Nocturnes (play one every night before I go to sleep...yeah I'm a nerd).
I rarely plan pop music or jazz (ugh I really don't like jazz piano).

And I have the same birthday as Rachmaninoff, which is pretty awesome.
i play piano but not as well as you'd think,(better at guitar) the good thing is i can sight read so I can easily disguise it=] But I usually just memorize what's on the page so i don't need the book.
I just use the piano books I had from when m sister and I took lessons. There all classical not super fun but I usually just ignore them and make up my own stuff =P I should be practicing now thanks for reminding me about that...
I am :), but i'm strictly a classical pianist

i don't really play anything else.
I am! I've been playing for a little over ten years...
I play a variety of things. I like the pop-esque stuff and some older stuff like the Beatles.
And I play disney music and some soundtrack from musicals.
And some but limited classical. I really like classical music but it takes me longer to learn for some reason. Like, for some reason it's difficult to sight read through it and memorize ((I think having words makes it easier to memorize)).


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