...that we're called Nerdfighters? I mean, aren't Nerdfighters generally supposed to be opposed to violence and fighting and whatnot? Now I understand, it's mostly meant in the sense that we, as nerds ourselves, support and stand up for other nerds, and nerdiness it self, without necessarily fighting for them... it just strikes me as a little odd. Thoughts?

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We fight intellectually, not physically. :D
I understand that, it's just the word itself has some negative/violent connotations...
We can fight poverty. We can fight AIDS. Why can't we nerdfight?
"There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers."

or as my 7th grade math teacher liked to say,

"There are no stupid questions, only stupid people."

I'm not helping, am I?
Well as a friend told me, there are people called FreedomFighters.... and that isn't typically negative because those people are fighting for freedom, and so far no one thus far has challenged that title.
Give that man a gold star!
We fight against worldsuck *hoohaa*


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