Anyone else in Australia have this Paper Towns cover?

So I've been looking absolutely EVERYWHERE (in Melbourne) for Paper Towns but to no avail.
AND THEN today I was in Dymocks and I found it but it has this odd cover I've never seen before. I bought it anyway because it is the right book, but it just struck me as odd that the cover is not remotely similar to ones I've seen.
My question is this - does anybody else have this cover? And why is it different (and kind of tacky)?

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality picture; I took it with my mac and I haven't any good lighting.

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John says something about it in his most recent blog. :]
Yeah it's her shoulder I think and it's got a map of the US. I can see "New York" and "Filadelfia" ('s not really spelt like that is it? I thought it was with PH's) and the rest are cut off or blurred.
OH! I see. (John's blog)
I do prefer the other one though. :(
Oh well, it's still Paper Towns and I finally get to read it!
Damn, your just lucky you can find it. I live in North Queensland and the shops in my city say that there aren't even any copies printed let alone being sold.
OMG, I live in NQ too! It makes me so unbelievably happy that there is another nerdfighter up here :)

I went to Angus and Roberts and got them to order me a copy and I'm just waiting for it now (8-12 days!). I really actually want the other cover. I don't really like Australia's cover, is kind of tacky, as zeleste said.

The more I think about it, the more I want to gift the angsty copy and buy myself a pretty yellow one of amazon. I know that what really matters is whats inside the book, but I also like pretty (and happy-looking) things too.
i live in sydney, and i have been to about every book shop i can find, looking for this book.
you are incredibly lucky that you can find it.
i saw it in Borders at that street outside of Townhall the other day! (:
i cant remember the street name, but its got Myer along it if thats helpful.
i cant find An Abundance of Katherines :P
Yup, I got that version in NZ a while back.
I saw it in late Febuary in Borders Melbourne Central with that cover. I didn't buy it thoug due to a general lack of money.


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