Anyone interested in starting a collab channel with me?(Teens only please)

Looking for people for a collab Channel. Please post your email, and the day that works best for you in the comments if you want to be apart. Please between the age of 13-18

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No idea if you're still up for this but if you are then:

I'm 13, Monday's aren't the best of days but Thursday is

My email is:

Is there anyone else interested?

I'd be up for this Thursday or Tuesday works best for me
Hope this works
Oops almost forgot im 14 :)

I'm 13 :D I've always wanted to do this. I think Thursday or Tuesday would be best for me... I'm flexible though :3 

Oh, I forgot to mention- I have a pretty good camera :)

Last post xD I got a new email. It is

Hi, I'm 15. I'm in the UK. I'm probably best weekends, because I always have a ton of homework every day, and weekends = free time-ish for me .My email is 

And I have a really crappy camera. Well, it';s a built in web cam to my mum's laptop. Which is on a completely different computer. But I shall try. Because I'd really like to do this.

that'd be awesome. it would be nice to improve my camera skills, and my people skills. I don't do a lot so I'm good any day



Not sure if you're still interested, but I certainly am! Any day works for me. My email is :)




Ooo, forgot to add, I'm 16.

I'm awkward, sarcastic and I never come off as enthusiastic. But if you'll have me, I'm 16 in a couple days, and can do pretty much any day other than monday.

My email is

Hey you guys, don't know if anything came of this, but if it didn't, go to this discussion page (set up by the ElizaBeth <the person who replied first>) and reply to that one.


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