Hey, I was thinking of starting a collab channel and am wondering if anybody would like to be in it? I don't know how many people at the moment, i'll just see who's interested. If possible, anyone who's around the age of 14-17, (I'm 14 so i kinda don't want to be with people years older than me!) but it doesn't matter if you're a little younger or older, whatever you're comfortable with. If you would like to be in the channel please say so below, and leave you're age!!

Thanks xx :) DFTBA.

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Hey, I'm 17 and wondering if you already have a channel? Cause I think it's important to get a look at t'other people first, see if it'll work etc. I have a collab channel ready and waiting to go, I just need people (I've been wanting to do this for ages, but people drop out or disappear off the face of the earth). So, Yeah, I'll link to my channel and lets see :)

p.s. are you wanting to start straight away, or could it wait till say, June? Just I have exams next month, so life will be hectic until then. 

Hey, yes I do however I don't vlog on it as I think its better for me personally to have a collab channel rather than vlogging by myself. If you want the link you can have though!:


Also, I don't mind if you want to wait until June, I have end of year exams halfway through June so its probably best to wait!! I know its hetic, my sisters doing her exams aswell :)

Ah ok. Well interests seem similar enough so it'll be fine! If it ends up that we three are the only ones interested, I may back out- as awesome as you both seem it'd just be plain weird. 

Hi!  I'd be interested in doing this.  I'm 13, so a little younger than your guidelines, but I'll be 14 in a couple months.  The only thing is that I am a very busy person, so sometimes it might be a little hard for me to do a video.  However, I would get one up, even if it's just a lousy webcam vid.

Do you have a theme in mind, or just vlogging about whatever??

Hey, d'you have a channel already that I can have a look at? 

I do have a channel, but the only thing up is a school project.  (That's rather odd) I think I'd rather collab then independently vlog.   Here's the link:

No don't worry, they were only rough guidlines!!!!! It looks like we might be waiting until June, so you'll be 14 anyway. I only have a webcam so i don't suspect it will be a problem!!

Please get back to me if you want to persue this further :)

Awesome.  I suppose we would have to start another channel, email account, etc for this.  June is fine, actually great, I get off school the 8th.  I'd love to actually vlog, I've been thinking about it for a while, but decided I'd rather do a collab channel with other people.

I already have a bare channel, complete with e-mail account. Once everything's definitely good to go, I'll give you all the login details :). I tried to do a collab a while back, but it collapsed pretty much straight away

Awesome.  With any luck, this one won't go down.  I'm getting really excited about doing this.

Bonjour:) I would like to join in a collab channel, but I won't be able to post videos very often... I think once in two weeks or so. I'm 16 by the way:) and a link to my channel; :D

Aaaaand, I've never made a video on youtube... would that be a problem?

nah that'll be fine. So far, it would seem I'm the only one that has :L


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