Hey, I was thinking of starting a collab channel and am wondering if anybody would like to be in it? I don't know how many people at the moment, i'll just see who's interested. If possible, anyone who's around the age of 14-17, (I'm 14 so i kinda don't want to be with people years older than me!) but it doesn't matter if you're a little younger or older, whatever you're comfortable with. If you would like to be in the channel please say so below, and leave you're age!!

Thanks xx :) DFTBA.

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a monday or tuesday would probably be good for me so I could film at the weekend!

Hello! I am planning a Collab channel. I posted a thread about it with my idea. Let me know if you are intterested! :D


Too late to join??
I've only been on YouTube a couple of weeks with my channel IamBeccaSmall and I really wanted to collab or something :) So is it too late?
I'm 16 by the way...

hey, yeah sorry- we got 7 people for 7 days. If it opens up, we'll let you know :)

Ahh okay :)

So guys, its May. Less than a month until we go live! Now, who's got preferences for days? Craig, I know you want monday or tuesday. I kinda need monday, wednesday, friday or saturday. Anyone else got a preference?

Ehm, I don't really care. I'm planning to film and edit everything in the weekend anyway. I'll just choose Thursday, that would be best to upload it:)

Righto so thursday is gone :)

Can I have Saturday??  Also, are we going to start June 1, or the first Sunday of June??  Also, I think you said that you have a blank youtube account, is that still available for us to use??  if not, i can make a new email/account if you want.  Soooo looking forward to this!!

yeah its still available to use :). I'll get it ready once days are sorted and give you all the login details :). And yeah, you can have Saturday :). Not sure about that. I think we should just start on 1st June, but what about you guys?

I don't really have any preferences.

How's Sunday sound, seeing as no-one's staked a claim to it yet? OK to change if someone decides they need it though?


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