Is there anyone out there who is certain that you the only Nerdfighter in your area?
I am certine that I am the only Nerdfighter and big Harry Potter fan in Texarkana (the town that I live in.)
About you..

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Yeah, ditto. I feel your pain! DX
I'm pretty sure I'm the only Colorado Springs Nerdfighter, although I would love to be proven wrong.
I am pretty sure there are other nerdfighters there. It is a big town. I used to live near there.
Well there are nerdfighters in Colorado. I am in pueblo so i think there are more then a few in the springs. You are not alone!

I'm in FoCo, if that counts for anything.

I'm almost sure that I'm the only nerdfighter in Peru :P
i'm sure i'm the only nerdfighter within an hours drive ( i have a friend a couple of hours away that got me onto the site)...

i'm in the ipswich/brisbane area

i try and get more peopel to join.. but never really manage
Yeah, I tried to get my best friend to join but see never did. ):
R.E.M. has a song named after that town. It's a pretty alright song.

I am one of maybe a handful of Nerdfighters in my state. Ask Phineas, she knows there's only like, six, maybe. Counting the two of us.
i know other people in my area, living by a large city will do that.....chicago ftw!
I'm very lucky. I run a Harry Potter club that meets twice a month. All the members are Nerdfighters, but only one actually knows it!
What part are you from? :O


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