Is there anyone out there who is certain that you the only Nerdfighter in your area?
I am certine that I am the only Nerdfighter and big Harry Potter fan in Texarkana (the town that I live in.)
About you..

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Dude. I live in a backwoods little town called Hayden in Alabama. I'm so far out in the boonies that its a 30 mintue drive to get to any walmart. It's also such a hick town that bellsouth DSL just became an option for my household two summers ago. Yeah... talk about being nowhere.... my nearest neighbor is about a 1/2 a mile away.
Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm the only Nerdfighter from Central London. The Pain.
Do we have any Wisconsin nerdfighters reading this?
I recently met another girl. I don't know where she lived.
I have two Nerdfighter friends, but either than us I'm pretty sure theres no one.
you're the only one in your class.
What about Mark and Yanni, they joined. But only as a farce.
well, i don't really count them. Its not like there really Nerdfighters.
I would have been the only nerdfighter in my area, had I not told four of my friends to join.
They kind of stole all of my awesome..
But now I have people who know what I'm blabbering about when I blabber.
Which I tend to do a lot.
But there are a lot of Harry Potter fans around here..
That's a start.
I'm pretty sure I'm the only Napa nerdfighter, not counting my bestie, whom I converted.
I know I can't be the only UF nerdfighter, but I have yet to meet one IRL. I did meet on in My Pants but she is graduating soon so that would just leave me. I have met some Miami nerdfighters around the ning, which is where I'm from, but I haven't lived there in like two years because I've been abroad or at school. So my only nerdfighter friends on through here.


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