Am I the only one with applications on their page they didn't choose to put there? I'm afraid to take them off because I don't want to break my account or something, but I don't want them on my front page like this. Did the wiki and poll ones become universal/required?

Also, my blog posts used to be pink, like my profile page. Not so any more. I am okay with this- standardization is somewhat boring, but it simplifies things. It appears as though everybody's blog posts look the same, but I'm looking from my own computer every time. For all I know, there very well could be fancy-looking posts but I just can't see them properly.

One final thing: Groups. Barring the fact that I don't like them even being around, the whole acceptance/declination process is way too long. If you're going to allow people to spam me with group requests like with Facebook, could you at least give me the option of declining from the page listing my group invites?

EDIT: Another thing- how come some people have deleted the "latest activity" or whatever box, but the best I can do is just tell it to post nothing?

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I don't know whats with the new apps. To be honest I want them gone myself.
::high five::
Fixed! I don't know how to completely remove the apps, however if you go into your applications the settings for the individual apps will at least allow you to remove the box's.
So I wonder why they were auto-added...
Great! Thanks for that.
You can't actually delete the "latest activity" box. But making it display 0 events will make it invisible for anyone viewing your profile. The same goes for pretty much any other box on your profile.
Oh, so that's why I still see the box on my own page but not other peoples'?
Yeah. If you want to make sure, just log out and you'll see exactly what other people see when they view your profile.
Cool beans. Thanks!


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