I consider myself a ravenclaw, and it seems that a lot of nerdfighters would fit there.

But what about YOU?

Post your house!

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Not at all! One of my two best friends who is a Nerdfighter is Hufflepuff. My other best friend, is Ravenclaw, and I a, Gryffindor... I think. I haven't officially been accepted to Pottermore yet.

I'm a Ravenclaw! Yay!

Gryffindor! <3

Ravenclaw according to Pottermore

Pottermore tells me I'm a Ravenclaw, but I always considered myself a Ravenpuff. So I guess I was half right.


I guess technically I'm a Ravenpuff, but I prefer Ravenclaw

Lots are Ravenpuff! I was sorted to Ravenclaw, but I'm not easily classified, and I have some Hufflepuff qualities, so Ravenpuff?

SlitherWIN! Am I right?

Ravenclaw!! add me if you wish, HollyScarlet142

might just do that... assuming you're ok with Hufflepuffs

I'm going to do just that... PurpleRose11991, I'm a Ravenclaw too! Most of my friends on Pottermore aren't from my house, so I'm always glad to find another Ravenclaw.


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