A southern nerdfighter gathering would be AWSOMELY AMAZING! But does anyone else live down here?

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Ive think ive just had a good idea if we all meet up in Bath and then go around Bath trying to find charlieissocoolike cuz well it soo cools and we could get t-shirts say "hav u seen charlie" and i want a "i hav found u bag" :) plus Bath a nice place to go to.

please...... ^__^
Run! It's an insane Charlie fanboy! *Sprays disinfectant*
JK };¬D
Aaaaaa disinfectant one of my weekness ^___^ hehe
Um... I'm a bit of an insane fangirl too...

Dammit, it would be so cool to find charlie!!
i think we should get some people and just go to bath lols and will call it "were's charile (day)" lols
I have to admit, Bath is a really beautiful place....... and the badges are kinda cool but i think we should stick to the co- ordinate idea lol, otherwise we would have to control crazy fangirls, like put them on a leash or something lmao. Sorry I couldnt get my co-ordinates the damn link wouldnt come up, but i live in exeter so yeah, hope that would be okay.
Here's another website you can use, the link didn't work for me either!
South-east. Thats almost south! :D
Yay! That link worked and my co-ordinates are Lat. 50.519569 Long -3.77251
Yay this is great! Another Deovon based nerdfighter. :):):):) I'm in Kingsteignton about 30,ins from Exeter all we'd need is a few more and we could have an Exeter based gathering! :)
Can I bring my Nerdfighter-in-training friend?
Why ever not? I brought Alonzo and he's only posted in the pokemon group of the Ning!


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