I don't know why, but a few days ago it just hit me: one day, I'm going to die.
And now its all I can think about. I'm terrified of dying. Its not the thought of the actual 'dying' part, its the thought that there is just nothingness after death. The thought of just not existing anymore, and time moving on without me. I wish I could just freeze time, so I'd be 15 forever, and all my friends would be 15 forever, and everything would stay exactly as it was. I wish it so much.

I know this is a bit morbid, but its keeping me up at night.

So basically, what are your thoughts on death? Are you scared? If you were once scared by the idea, but are no longer, how did you get over your fear? How can I get over my fear? Do you think anything happens after death? Even if you don't, do you wish there was something after death, or are you quite comfortable with the idea of just not being there anymore?

So many questions :)

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I've never been particularly afraid of death. When I was a kid, I used to ask my dad, "Am I going to die?" and he'd answer, "Not yet," and that would be good enough for me. The only apprehensions I have focus on how I will die (will it be painful? will it be peaceful? will I see it coming?), what my death will do to my family and friends...and of course the future archaeologists, who will dig up my remains in five thousand years and say to each other, "So THIS is how a human female was built. How archaic."

Short answer: I'm not afraid of death itself. I'm afraid of what brings it and what happens afterwards.
I used to have the exact same conversation with my Dad :)
What death will do to my family and friends is also what really gets me, especially my twin. I couldn't bare to be alive without her, but I don't want to leave her without me either.

I didn't even really think about my brother and sister. I'm a triplet, and if one of them, then both of them, died...oh my.

Or what if I died? And left them behind? Jeez.
I've always thought that was the terrible thing about being a twin (or of course, a triplet or a quad...).
God, I have this whole morbid side to me that I never knew existed before!
HI dozzier it ba Jani u rememba jani? well i ;m commenting on yours so my opinion will come to the first page. im whether you die or not dosent matter as long as you LIVE with no regrets
I'm apathetic towards death. Although, on my off days I get anxious about it.
I'm more afraid of growing up than dying (hey, I'm 15 too).
I never had to get over a fear of death because I never had one. I guess knowing that there's nothing I can do about death keeps me from worrying, I tend to avoid worrying about things I can't change. I am a bit nervous about leaving people behind because I've lost someone and I know what it feels like.
Why should I be afraid of nothingness? It's like being unconscious, you're simply not aware of the nothingness.

Ugh, unorganized and distracts thoughts.
I have arguments with myself about exactly that. I'm like "Well, whats the point of being afraid? I'm not going to know, I'm not going to be aware of anything!"
Sometimes that comforts me, but sometimes that just scares me even more.
That's understandable. It's hard imagine not being aware at all because you've never truly experienced unconsciousness. People are afraid of what they don't understand or have never experienced.
When I do get scared about death, I just focus on making my life as good as possible so that I'll die with "no regrets". So at least that is covered.
Not existing after I die doesn't bother me any more than the knowledge that I didn't exist before I was born. What does scare me, more than physical decline and pain, is the thought of alzheimer's and similar diseases.... Losing my memory and my mind, existing but no longer being or knowing yourself - not to mention what that does to the people who love you.

Sorcha, fifteen is a fantastic age - but so is every age after that. There is so much more to learn and see and discover, people to meet and love, places to go - don't let fear spoil any of that!

Beautiful answer.

Thankyou, I really liked your answer.

The lack of control in death is also something that scares me. That everyone is hurtling towards it all the time, and there is nothing you can do at all to stop it. People always say life goes so fast. Maybe I wouldn't mind dying, if it felt like I had lived for a long, long time. And also, as Stephanie says, "with no regrets".
Thats a great quote to live by :)


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