I don't really care what you make the topic, I just want to debate with someone...

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Blue is the greatest color.


No way, Pastel Cerulean all the way!
as cerulean is technically a slightly different hue of blue Kenny still is correct with his argument that blue is the best color in the spectrum as cerulean is primarily consisted of blue. That was a slightly repetitive argument but I DON'T CARE.
yes, but blue is the best color
2 topics.

Karl Marx was a Marxist


Seat belts cause Cancer
Karl Marx was actually a utopian philosopher who read a lot of the works of his predecessors and invented his own body of work without actually studying the working class at all.
Mao, however, was a marxist...

I'd rather have cancer than a face-full of glass...
2 + 2 = 5

I apparently want to read 1984 again.
For extremely large values of two. Any value of two smaller than 2.5 rounds down to 4...
If we're rounding the values to the nearest whole number, which assume is the the case, the it's 'any value of two smaller than 2.25 rounds down to 4' (2.25 + 2.25 = 4.5, the minimum for rounding up to 5).

Not that it matters since if we're making approximations to get the answer 5, then it's not equal to (=) at all, only approximately equal to.( )
Wow.... It's a serious discovery in a small debate forum. I'm gonna go screw with some mathematicians now. Thanks.
Dammit, you're right...


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