I don't really care what you make the topic, I just want to debate with someone...

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well, rounded to the closest number yes.....
Peace is impossible.
Sadly, that's probably true. But it is our duty as Nerdfighters to make it possible.
You do not exist.
Neither do you.
The clubbing of baby seals is justified.
It is... its called food.
the world isn't going to end in 2012 (because I know so many of you think it will)
the only chances of that would be coincidence that Christ chooses to come back on the date of Mayan death (notice how none of them are left though, so what does that tell you?)
What? Seriously? No. I'm sorry Sarek, you're just wrong. Completely wrong.
Gokus power level is over 9000.
Well shit.


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