any artists nerdfighters around?
and if so, what style of art do you do?

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yayy artsy nerds like meeeeee!! :D hahahaif you can call it art I probably like it. I love apinting and drawing, some sculpting and manipulating photographs, especially as illustrations. I also write poetry and song lyrics. Looking at going to school for illustration <3
I sketch still life [I particularly like drawing bones] with pencil and also sometimes dabble in the likes of watercolors and oil paints. I've done other forms of conventional "art" [pastels, inks, etc] but the ones I mentioned are always the ones I fall back on. Can't say I've done much of anything in the past year though. Kind of sad...
I'm an art student nerdfighter! I mostly paint with ink and watercolor, occasionally markers and I am trying to improve my photoshoping. I draw a lot of fantasy stuff and sometimes comic strips.
I mostly draw portraits, but I'm trying to branch out on topics to draw. Give me suggestions.
yes i study photography so i guess im an artsy  nerdfighter? Im on the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Like to draw aswel


I like editing my pictures in Photoshop. Turn them into something else.

I suppose that's what I do.

I do upcycled/found art! :D Stuff people would normally just recycle or throw away, I remake into cool stuff.

Here's my art blog:


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