Dear John and Hank,
it has come to mine and a few other Nerdfighters attention, that to date, we don't have a National Nerdfighter Day... that must be changed!

Our idea, was possibly February 17th be National Nerdfighter Day..,
the reason for February 17th, is that on February 17th, 2007, John vlogged about seeing a video game called "Nerd Fighters" (which we later discovered was actually called Aero Fighters)
But none the less, on that day, Nerdfighteria... was born!

So, John and Hank, tell me what you think about our idea...

Nerdfighter Sam

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Hey! International Nerdfighter day, mind you. (At least I hope that's what you meant. ^^)

There's a DFTBA day... I think that's kind of a Nerdfighter day. Well, it's definitely a Nerdfighter day.

When's DFTBA day?
only if it's international :)
Well of course! :)


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