Attention! Looking for Nerdfighters interested in a bloggy type thing...

We've all seen those, "This day in History, so and so was born, Whats-her-face died, and War Whatever was started", right?

Well what about, "This day in Brotherhood 2.0"?

I was thinking about doing something where each day someone posts a blog with the video of that day from B2.0(and maybe 5AGirls and Guys?) and then just writes whatever they want about the video, or not about the video, a few sentences, or a few paragraphs.

Now, I would love to do this, but I KNOW that I would never find the time to do it everyday.
So that's where you come in! If you're interested in maybe doing it every day for a few weeks, only on Mondays(or whatever weekday), or just for one day, post below. :)

(Also, I do realize that the days of the week will be off, this will be dealt with, just not sure how yet....:)

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oh also, need potential names

oh, and if anyone has already done this, please tell me. :)
this name may be kind of lame but "b20 revisited" or "365 days later"

I'm game for writing some stuff, how many authors do you think should be involved?
I'd love to do this! It's like my addiction to B2.0 put to good use. Almost any schedule would be okay with me, provided it doesn't interefere with the balancing act I have in February. Then again, it would be excellent procrastination on my research paper...this idea is made of win!

As for names...I can only think of boring ones, like, "Nerds, Peeps, and Songs: Brotherhood 2.0 in Review."
i'd like to do this.
but i am on a channel already, must warn you.
the 7awesomenerdfighters.
but i'd like to do this :)

uhm names....

i have noo idea.
Sounds like this would make a rather interesting blog... I'm in! The only potential "scheduling problem" is I should be doing a field study with my education classes so I may be teaching on and off... but I don't see that as too big of a problem! :D


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