I was thinking about doing a project entitled "FiveAwesomeBloggers" for 2009. Since I am just coming up with it now, I think that it could be started the first Monday of 2009. I was thinking that the webhost could be Xanga, because it's fun and I already have one :)

What do you think? Would you be willing to be a part of it?

My email address is Email me if you'd like to be a part, or message me on Nerdfighters.

It doesn't matter your age, location, or interests. You just have to be able to make a blog post for your assigned day of the week. If you would like to participate, please make sure to tell me which day would work for you. I kind of like Monday for myself, because I just seem like a Monday person, but if someone else wants it they can have it. Just saying.

Looking forward to blogging with you.


ATTENTION! I have now spoken with William and Tom. I have spoken briefly with Madison and still need to speak with Madi. I still need to know if Madison will be able to post on the 1st. Email me for more information. I still need Madi and Madison's emails.

I can't freaking wait to find out more about you guys!


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Oh, I would definitely like to take part in this :)
Great! Now we just need 3 more people :) What day would you like to be?
Coooooooool, I'm excited!! I shall be Thursday.
Oookay. Now I need to set up a xanga account for us. I'll message you the password.
Got it. I've never used xanga but it seems pretty jokes.
& if you got my email response asking what the username was, ignore it please XD
Lol. I will :)
Now we have Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I'll message you the password to the xanga account :)
This seems like a cool idea. I'd like to be a part of it if you'll have me.

I guess Wednesday would be good for me.

I'm actually already running three blogs if you want to check them out:
My movie review blog:

My movie production blog:

My personal blog:

Just let me know if you like my brand of nonsense. ;-)
I like every brand of nonsense :)

It was actually my mom's idea, after we'd been talking about 5AG. I thought it was really cool.

Wednesday is awesome. We just need a Friday.

I'll message you the password.
Got it. Thanks.

Looking forward to collabing with everyone.
I wouldn't mind doing Friday :D
After all, I don't do much on fridays...


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