Do you people's ever had obnoxiously awkward moments with people who don't get the whole "nerd' thing? You feel really embarrassed when people ask why one of your role models, is someone on youtube, or that everyone that you trust is on the internet?   
I know that i shouldn't feel embarrassed, but i can't help it sometimes. 
Sometimes i say French the Llama or So Jokes and no one gets its, they just stare at me like some alien. When i get really exited about things people just tell me to shut up... 

Do you guys ever have awkward moments? Funny? Annoying? Or  just flat out weird? 

I'd love to hear :P


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You just described my life.
How is your life awkward, everyone likes you.
Ba-da-bum TIIIIINNNG...
That's just a rumour, actually. Everyone always hears about how people liek mudkipz, but their actual popularity is uncertain.
i agree with you.anyone who isnt a nerdfighter would probably react with all the things she mentioned.i say french the llama and stuff like that and people dont understand.but who cares.youve got a whole community who loves you! haha
it doesn't matter how chisled his pecs are! it matters how many times he's been around the sun!
"Do you people's ever had..." -- IT HURTS...

Yeah, things tend to get awkward when the Grammar Nazism acts up. But as for the YouTube/Nerdfighter end of things, it doesn't really come up. I don't have any Nerdfighter friends IRL (that I know of, at least) so I don't talk about it much.

i try really hard to use proper grammar but it always slips me every once and a while....
Ha, no problem. It happens to the best of us. By which I mean me, of course.
Yeah, my freinds IRL get irritated at my Grammer Nazism. It's kind of funny. But they like to write and really shouldn't b typing lik dis. lol.
Yeah, I sometimes wonder if any of my friends who like LOTR or Star Wars or Stargate might also be closet Nerdfighters. But I don't know how to ask since a surprising amount of people still think YouTube is just a place for viral videos of cute kittens and dramatic chipmunks and the like...
i've recently been shocked by a good number of people who haven't read Harry Potter! A girl in my english class was reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" and she got frustrated: "Who's Fred?!" and I looked at her and calmly said, "George's brother." She asked me who George was, and apparently has never picked up a Harry Potter book. Considering my town, I probably was a little more shocked than I should have been.


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