Secondly, what can we do, as a Nerdfighting community, to celebrate this monumentus occasion??

My recomendation - a birthday-esque sending of cards/gifts/videos of blenderized cake being eaten to John & Sarah.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Plans to fly to Indiana and hug the baby...whenever it turns up? XD

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That sounds excellent. There are sooo many generous nerdfighters, a dollar from each of us would add up to a sizeable contribution.
I almost think we should hide the whole Vlogbrother/Nerdfighter thing from the Yeti Baby until he is 11. And then he will find out he has been revered and loved by hundreds of people around the world since babyhood. And he will learn the ways of Nerdfighter. And he shall be Harry Potter.

But John resembles Uncle Vernon in no way, shape, or form.
True... but then there would be no hiding his fame and powers.
I wish this was on Facebook so I could like it a million times. Truly brilliant.

Pure. Liquid. Win.

Not to be totally unoriginal or anything, but OH BABY!! Congrats to John and Mama Yeti.
Ugh. Am I the only person on Earth who doesn't care when other people start making babies?
No. I am also rather indifferent about this also.

Basically, I knew it would happen sooner or later.
Ohhh baby johns getting a baby!! congrats are in order!! is there a name decision yet? I've heard john say they know its going to be a boy, but never heard what names they were considering, other than hank was out of the question (because hank wouldn't approve)...


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