Secondly, what can we do, as a Nerdfighting community, to celebrate this monumentus occasion??

My recomendation - a birthday-esque sending of cards/gifts/videos of blenderized cake being eaten to John & Sarah.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Plans to fly to Indiana and hug the baby...whenever it turns up? XD

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Yes! this is awsome! And i would just like to say that a nerdfighter named Ellie posted a picture of a baby wearing a shirt that said "I DON'T Belong to the Evil Baby Orphange" and i thought that was the most amazing shirt ever. Seriously, John Green needs to get that shirt MADE!

*will write something that makes sense later*
At the Melbourne nerdfighter gathering in May, John was like, "Sarah's in our hotel room, throwing up. No she's not pregnant."

Unless I fail at maths ... John LIED.

In other news, yaay!
*counts* ...That bastard!

I find that hilarious.
How pregnant is she?

(I'm surprised I'm able to be this coherent, most of the words out of my mouth have been along the lines of ahdbsdlyavbaAHHH BABY!)
7 mos. along
That is all that's been happining to me as well....I still can't speak about it stright!
To be fair, he may not have been completely sure at the time because it was probably just conceived. So he probably was telling us what he knew at the time and then later found out that she was indeed pregnant.

Do we have a due date for the baby? Gender? Possible viewing of the Yeti Belly?
January 20th, and it's a boy. John talked about it on BlogTV last night.
whats his blogtv username? I've never been to a live show:(
He said Hank's known for seven months. I'm preetty certain that he knew.


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