Bands/artists who would have "immortal" music.

Nowadays we listen to Pink Floyd, The Who, AC/DC, The Beatles, etc. and our generation considers them the oldies, but still the goodies. Which contemporary bands do you think would be considered oldies but goodies by the future generations?

(As you can see I'm very much into these future generation posts)

Mine are:
1. Bon Jovi
2. Fall Out Boy
3. Panic! At the Disco (I am not taking off the exclamation mark!)
4. Jimmy Eat World
5. Belle and Sebastian

6. Jonas Brothers

I'm not big fans of 2, 3, and 6 but they have an enormous fanbase and people just dig their music!

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I really struggle to come up with anything our generation will be remembered for. It seems this era is all about one-upping every last thing and thus everything only lasts a moment before someone/something else (or the same thing only "NEW AND IMPROVED!!!") replaces it in the mainstream.
i dont know that they will, but i hope that people will remember coldplay and blue october
beatles r not overrated at all.. if there is anything i want a space being to kno about our planet.. it is the beatles

I have always said that Coheed &Cambria's music is immortal.
Hopefully the music of

1: The White Stripes
2: Weezer
3: The libertines

will become for someone i already consider immortal and haven been mentioned yet

Joy Division

I think that amy whinehouse defintly
her voice is timeless though her habits might make her life not as long.
Coldplay, I think, will last. Maybe not with a fan base as large as the Beatles', but still large enough, and widely listened too. They'll definitely be on 'the Oldies Radio Station', I think.
Also, I think Linkin Park'll be there.
Maybe Yellowcard, Nickelback, and Switchfoot, as well?
Green Day
Adele (this girl is awesome)
The Strokes
Arctic Monkeys
A big fanbase is absolutely positively no indicator of immortality. Nor is it a legitimate qualification. I promisse you the Jonas Brothers will be utterly forgotten in twenty years, as will most of those bands in your list.

The Pixies have a much smaller fan base but I suggest their music will be around for as long as rock and roll is around.
You are the coolest, BGS.
I'm hoping Coldplay will be, but too many people I think dislike them simply because they're popular. That kind of elitism annoys me.
Believe it or not, eventually FOB will fade into oblivion. They won't be around for much longer.


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