Pretty self-explanatory: who do you think has it worse off( girls vs. guys) and why.

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Loxi is correct. I have seen guys careers ruined by false accusations. I tried collecting amuseing stories about children ages rangeing from 2 till 6. I asked on the internet. I got accused of being a perv so much I gave up. I used to play with my kids on the playground. Some parents would herd their kids away from me. They wouldn t do that with my wife. Then there was a child molester around and some assumed it was me because I was always out there with my kids. Its nuts.

See, this is anecdotal. (no offense) What I gave may have been unsourced, but it was NOT unverifiable and it came from valid news sources, studies, and other searchable sources. None of it was stories from MY life, although I had plenty I could have told. 

I had plenty of personal and anecdotal examples, such as why my husband is dying or why my husband's best friend doesn't get to see his kids, but I skipped them, and used only information I gathered from online study and reputable news sources, because I was AVOIDING anecdotal stories, because it's too easy to reject them in debates by saying that that is only one scenario, or one person's experience, or it is unverifiable/subjective rather than objective. Unfortunately this attempt to avoid that argument was ruined by a virus, but oh well. *shrugs*


And, yet you have not linked to a single one.

I've only ever been a girl so i don't know if its harder or easier to be a boy... Really the only difference it seems to me is that occasionally I have to viciously defend the fact that my gender is as good as anyone elses.

The tl;dr of it is if you are homeless, have successfully committed suicide, have been murdered, have been killed while working, are in prison, or have died fighting in war, odds are very good that you're a man.

If however, the opposite of all the above is true for your gender, you're likely to live 5 years longer than the opposite gender, far more federal funds have been directed specifically towards your gender even though your gender's life expectancy is notably higher than the opposite gender's while you, and your gender is the one that gets to complain about being oppressed regardless of everything I've previously stated, then congratulations on winning the genetic lottery, you're a woman.

I'd say that men actually have it a bit worse than women(coming from a vagina-owner herself).

Reprocussions for social disobedience in men are usually much harsher than those imposed on women. Say, if a man wore femenine clothing to school, he could come home with a black eye, whereas a woman could wear men's clothing and return home with only a few insults to brush off. As well, a woman could be just as perverted as she wanted towards a man as she wants, but it'd be highly unacceptable for a man to be so.

The world of men, from what I gather, is a rather unopen world, and I am very thankful to live in the world of women.

Being female, my instincts tell me to stay with my gender, however it would be totally illogical not to weigh both sides of the argument. Women have more duties about them in the way of children, as well as the job of being a mother, housewife and other jobs that some would say are normal for a women. However, men are statistically the "breadwinners" of families, so this means they have more stress in their jobs. This argument can be countered by saying that women have the stress of raising a family as well, and with more girls going to college and having careers, the stress that is on their shoulders is becoming greater as well. If you look at the physical difference of men and women, I would say that women have it worse off. We have to deal with menstrual cycles and child birth. There is also the pressure to watch our weight and the media pressure to be thin and beautiful. Men don't normally have as much pressure put on them to be thin, maybe "built", but I wouldn't say there's nearly as much stress put on men to look good as women. Now, I cannot think of any physical trials that men have to go through like women. Unless of course a man happens to have gallstones which are supposed to be the equivalent to the amount of pain experienced during childbirth. Anyways, overall both genders have it pretty bad and we can compare all we want, but really, at the end of the day, each gender needs the other to survive.

Well... In the past women have had it far worse. Men have had way more advantages. That's changing. Although many people still think of women as inferior. Which isn't right. Plus, cramps suck. 

Both have it pretty bad, but women. The only thing I'd say women have it better in is maybe--possibly--the modelling and fashion industry. And fashion is pretty brilliant, you've gotta admit.

Well, globally, women.

Socio-historically speaking, it was a necessary demand placed on women to be little more than cattle used for breeding. Ladies can create life and, during the agricultural revolution, children were an asset - a valuable resource. They were workers in the field, chip pieces for interfamily politics, and caretakers for later in life. Making babies was in high demand and, sadly, infant mortality was high. To survive, as a family unit as well as a society, it was very important for women to make as many babies as she could...and often, that is what would kill her.

In some places in the world, that is still the case.

Now, since you are reading this on a computer on the internet, I am going to assume that you live in a developed or developing world where such demands are no longer necessary for survival yet the burden of now-archaic-roles still weighs heavily on women and our culture still harbors harmful attitudes about women. In the US, even though laws are passed to ensure women are given a fair shot in society, our culture still carries outdated ideals, double standards, and unwittingly sexist attitudes. Many things which are so ingrained in our culture that we aren't aware of them. Likewise, even as laws are passed for equality in countries such as Japan or China, women are still expected to be demure housewives and rarely, if ever, given equal grounds to acquire skills and/or be in a position to demonstrate those skills.

So yeah, women have been saddled with great burdens and crummy treatment despite being an absolute necessity for all civilization.  But I don't think it does any good to play "Battle of the Sexes" in our time. Comparing hardships, keeping score, etc may be useful in reminding each other of cultural biases regarding gender but we must be careful not to use those issues to perpetuate or draw more lines between sex/gender. We cannot ignore or tolerate such biases but we also should not re-enforce them if what we are aiming for is equality.

Well, globally, women.

How do you respond to the fact though that, globally statistically, (as Kenny pointed out) if you are homeless, have successfully committed suicide, have been murdered, have been killed while working, are in prison, or have died fighting in war, odds are very good that you're a man.


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