There are many self proclaimed nerds in our modern day society, one of them is the TV show "Glee". The writers and the producers, including the casts seems to be mocking us in the face and they parade these people as if they are really representing one of the social minorities, the battered, the humiliated, the isolated, and the passionate hobbyist(that's us).


Here in the Philippines, if you wear a nerd glasses, you're already considered as a nerd, despite not being one. And nowadays, in the media, they are saying things like "nerds are hot" or "nerds are sexy". I'm not saying we're special amongst other members of the social caste, but this is getting out of hand.


Do you get what I am trying to imply?

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I feel like being a nerd is suddenly very "in" or "cool" or whatever right now, and it sort of bothers me when people who are actually cool call themselves nerds, but then they seem to look down at the people who really are nerds, not just nerd posers. But I feel like the "nerdiness" that is in right now is sort of a separate thing from actual nerds like the awesome people of nerdfighteria. "Nerd posing" is just a fad, but the nerds of nerdfighteria will forever be nerdy and awesome, and in the end that's all that really matters. We are the heart of the awesome things about being nerds, wheras the posers are just taking it at a sort of skin-deep level and twisting it to fit their own standards.


BTW nerd glasses are just about the stupidest trend I have ever seen. I mean, I think they are sort of cool looking, but I think that they don't really make you a nerd or not a nerd or cool or not cool or whatever. They're just glasses.

I think that the idea of the nerd might be popular but as far as all things that a nerd can be it might not ever be popular.  For example what is the chance that doctor who or Hank Green music will become extremely popular is small.  I think that what some people think nerds are like will become popular but as we have proven we tend not to fit inside of what people think of us.  The whole point of being a nerd is to be yourself I that will never fit into what is popular.

That's an excellent example! When Timelord Rock hits the charts, nerds may be (stereotypically) cool.
I think I understand what you are trying to get at but I don't really find it a discomfort or it getting out of hand... I think that the general public are just coming to terms that most successful people right now are or have been nerds and are now being accepted as part of the society..
I wouldn't say that these "hot nerds" are (in my opinion) true nerds. I don't have anything against them, as it were, because, let's face it, kids wanting to be smart cannot be a bad thing. (On a side note, as an old school nerd, I find the idea of nerds being in the spotlight, like in Glee, mildly repulsive, because as a nerd, I would like the spotlight far, far away form me)I think that too many people who, while intelligent, and sometimes socially awkward, aren't really old school 'nerds'. An old school nerd, in my world view, has an obsession! Star Wars, German Electro-Pop, Religion in Art, Statistics - whatever.

It's the same with the hipster culture. You slap on thick-framed glasses and a plaid shirt and voila -- hipster.


But yeah, the biggest thing for me is the offense I take because of how much grief I've been given for acting "nerdy," per say, and then my old enemies are walking into school with their Doctor Who talk, as in, "I'm the biggest nerd ever!" The people who only recently became "nerdy" are being praised while the people who have remained "nerdy" since a young age are still persecuted in the same sort of way. It feels hypocritical.

If they had legitimately changed their views, and started liking the things I liked, or beginning more intelligent conversations (or whatever your nerd criteria is), I wouldn't have a problem. They can like things or change. People change. But when they go "oh, Harry Potter!" then turn around and say, "Nice robe, geek," I will be angry.

Judgment must be passed on an individual basis, I suppose.

i agree :\ its the new form of nonconformity. i don't really mind that much though, because at least if being a nerd is considered cool people might get smarter lol. i'd rather have people trying to be nerdy than people trying to be whores.

Pfft, I was nerdy before it was cool.

I quit paying attention to labels in general and just be myself. I enjoy watching Glee, but I do get a little annoyed with their version of uncool people. But like all trends, this one will fade as well and us real nerds will have our lame/awesome spot back in the world.

Sure, it annoys me that the media is trying to popularize geekdom, but the thing is that it's a fashion trend; it won't last that long.

And I'd rather embrace the trend. Here, in my art school, we have geeks of every walk of life in abundance, which I'm glad for. I find that the populrization of geekdom has made it a much safer place and people who are truly passionate about such things are thus they far more open about it.

It's because they know we've got to save the planet, and we've got the brainpower to make it happen. That is why they treat us so nice. Once we're done saving it, they'll take credit and make us eat dirt. And soon enough the natural order of things will be restored.

If we are going to give up being nerdy just because popular people decided a label was in, then we were never nerds to begin with. 'Nuff said.

They're just sad , sad hipsters who don't have their own personality, taking something they saw coming into the social ''pool'' that they can't control and corrupting it instead of trying to make it go away, they are changing it. They aren't ''nerds''.


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