Did you ever have to switch schools when you were younger.  How did it go for you.  I got made fun of because of having a Star Wars lunch box.

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sorry you were exposed to little Decepticons in training David.

i didn't have this problem.  i was in Highschool before i moved.  it was jarring, and despite my efforts, i didn't get very far out of my slightly lurking comfort zone but being a nerd involved in music and theatre, i fit in just fine (and the more outgoing probably appreciated that i'd sit and listen to them)

Yeh I switched schools. I even moved to a difrent contrey sadly I got bullied for about for years. I had to handle with allot of ShIt. And It kinda sucked. But it has made me a stronger and better person :)

What country did you go to?  Sorry you got bullied.

I went from Scotland to Holland. The way they treat kids Is quite different in holland so I gueww I had to get used to that to. 


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