I find this incredibly sick and awful. I got it from here, but I'll copy it all into the discussion topic, too. It's hella creepy and devastating that someone would think this is NOT odd.

We've been writing these little Fan Made posts for awhile now, and although I'd like to think that I've seen just about everything you wacky fans can come up with, this little nugget of fandom came along and just about cost me my breakfast. Oh yes, one creative (and creepy) Twilight fan actually took the time to felt together Bella's womb, complete with -- wait for it -- an actual felted mutant fetus inside! Who in their right mind does stuff like this? Seriously, who wakes up one day and says, "Ya know, I think I want to spend the next week or so recreating what Bella's womb would look like with a mutant fetus inside, and then maybe share it with fans on the internet ... because they'll of course think I'm, like, completely normal and stuff."

We love you Twilight fans -- we really do. You're passionate, loyal and determined to spend as much time as you possibly can caring, loving and rooting for these fictional characters. But I think (or should I say, hope) you agree with me when I say we've discovered the limit. This is when you should turn to your child and say, "Mayyybe it's time to take on something a little more productive." Check out both the closed womb and the open womb w/ mutant fetus in the gallery below -- then tell us: Is this the creepiest piece of fan-created junk you've ever seen? If not, what beat this?

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Oh my god. I just barfed a little bit in my mouth. EWWW!
Kayla, that, is so true.
I can't wait to spread the word about crazy fandom!! =D
why indeed??
counseling, get the counseling! I would truly like to see the face of the person that did this.
its cut like a jack-o-lantern, with a lil lid. trying-failing to postpone the despair
Where is the placenta and the umbilical cord?

Um, I'm going to have to say that seeing that pic right there made my Twilighter status drop a little. That was sick and deranged. But I also have to give credit to broelle, nice.
I found this...HILARIOUS!!!!
But sick. Very sick. But so sick that its funny that someone would be that obsessed.
Yeah, this is the internet's way of telling me to go to bed.
Hm, should I take the pictures down and change the description to say readers can follow the link to see them? Maybe it's too shocking/gross...
I watched my kids c-section, not bothered by the felt.


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