I have watched the vlog brothers for a long time, and I have been part, even if a somewhat unactive part, of nerdfighteria for a while. I have never read a John Green book yet though, and I don't think I can really qualify as a nerdfighter if I have yet to read a single one! So I am wondering... which is the best?

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An Abundance of Katherines is my personal favorite. It's really funny and smart and you will come away from it knowing a bunch of weird, random facts. I think it's perfect and I've read it four different times. I'd start out with that cause it'd the most lighthearted and then read Paper Towns and then Looking for Alaska
I'd say Paper Towns, probably because it's the first one I read and, although I loved An Abundance of Katherines, I couldn't help but feel slightly awkward, my name is Katharine...and the fact that my name is spelt with an 'a' makes very little difference to me. Also I loved the mystery aspect to Paper Towns and just how thought provoking it was. (note: I haven't read Looking for Alaska yet.)
I think Paper Towns was my favorite. It was just a really delightful book. I'm kinda surprised you guys like An Abundance of Katherines do much. That was by FAR my least favorite. Not to say it wasn't better than many of the books I've read (which means you should still read it.) Looking for Alaska was really awesome, too. So much so, that I wouldn't be opposed to naming my kid Alaska someday. She would be kick-ass.

I enjoy John Green's writing and Looking for Alaska is a fantastic coming of age story, you've got some really wonderful characters and some really poignant moments.However Chip, or "The Colonel" was by far the best character to me, every one else just couldn't compare, and I didn't like Alaska, she fit so well into the manic pixie dream girl trope that it just bugged the hell out of me, I didn't find her appealing at all.


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That's interesting, my sister said much the same thing about Alaska. I personally really enjoyed her character, and found her just as endearing as I believe Pudge did - however, perhaps I haven't read/seen enough of these trope-ial characters to have the same opinion.

I really liked the Colonel too, though.

I really enjoyed paper towns, but I have not read all of John's books yet.


Don't worry! As long as you are fighting against worldsuck, you qualify as a nerdfighter

I've only read Looking For Alaska and I absolutely love it.
Looking For Alaska is most definitely my favorite John Green book
Looking for Alaska is my favorite, followed by WGWG, then a lower on the list Paper Towns and finally AAoK. Everyone seems to really love Paper Towns and while I definitely enjoyed it, it did not have that "This book is AWESOME!!!!!" feel, but that's just for me.
Yeah, I have to agree with you on Paper Towns. I really liked it, but I didn't LOVE it.
Looking for Alaska is, without a doubt, my favorite John Green book. Like haripotter12 said, it is a great coming of age story. Everytime I read it, I pull a different theme from it. Enjoy reading! :)
I haven't read all of his books, just Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. But I'd recomend Looking for Alaska.

When I first read Looking for Alaska, I didn't know of the VlogBrothers, I simply found it as I was looking at my recomendations page on Amazon. The book is without a doubt one of my top five favourite books.


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