What is the book that's made you turn into an emotional wreck?

For me I think it is the Little Prince. When I first read it I thought 'pfft it's a children's book', but the older I get and the more I re-read it, I seem discover more and more truths about us as humans, and myself personally. 

And the end when the little boy dies - I can't help but cry like a baby. 

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A.S.King's "Please Ignore Vera Dietz" really got to me. And not just at the end, I started crying in like the fifth chapter. I did have a personal sort of -similarity- to the main character though, so it might not hit everybody the way it hit me.

The Dead and The Gone made me cry so much, also Stay With Me by Garrett Freymann-Weyr.

"The Book Thief" still ranks in my top 5 books/series. This book made me cry. Let me just say, I've never enjoyed crying because of a book before, but after this book I realized that it's the mark of a good book, and now I just let it happen.


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