A bigger gathering with people from far far away.

More to read in your pants:

Additional earlier gathering in february:

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There aren't more information in your pants than are in the title.

March 10th in Hannover. I assume we'll meet at "hannover Hauptbahnhof" and will decide from there on.

I guess we'll meet at 12pm. And Hauptbahnhof would be great! (:

This would be so nice! I'll defenitly try to come. Is there any idea how we'll find each other? Or are we just gonna run arund asking everyone in the Hbf if he/she is a fellow nerdighter?

And thanks for this awesome opportunity :)

I guess we should just meet at the Ernst August statue in front of the main station, so everyone can find us. I don't want to talk to strangers ^^

Home form the last, waiting for the next ;)

Me, too! I'm really excited about the big gathering in Hannover.

Is 12pm, by Ernst-August still right?
And how many of you are defintly comming? :)

Yep, that's right!

The Doodle says there will be 14 people in Hanover ( I hope that's still right and that all of them will come!

Why are you up so early? I at least am still up, after starting and finishing the hunger games in one session ^^

Edit: Oh wait, it isn't really early to be up...

Haha? I don't know whether it was or wasn't early, but I had to go to work. So yeah (;

My train arrives 12:12 so I'll be a little late. Please wait ^^

Oh and I nearly signed on on your pants. Seems some of the people being there get onto the train in my hometown. But I think I can wait.

There is a particular train I'd like to take, but that means I'll arrive at  12:38, I suppose that's a bit too late?


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