A bigger gathering with people from far far away.

More to read in your pants:

Additional earlier gathering in february:

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me too, please :)

Me too =)

me, too :)

Just wanted to say that yesterday was a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to our next gathering! ^_^ 

Yeah, it really was! I'm so glad we made this happen <3 I mean 18 people, wow, that's just amazing (: 

What I only notice now.... very few glasses ^^

Huh! Yeah, you're right. I didn't even notice either. But it's very interesting.

Oh my, what were you thinking?! You all need to get impaired vision right now, or the cliché simply won't stand.

To my defense: I wear contact lenses ;) Oh and Leo has glasses but usually don't uses them.

That makes it 5 out of 17. So at least nearly 1/3 of us have eyes that suck at being eyes. acceptable rate.

18! We can't forget about Kevin, just because he had to catch an early train ^^

And btw I always wanted to have glasses. As long as I can remember I've been jealous of the people who wear glasses xD

Oh right. I forgot him because he is not on the picture and now I can't remember whether he had glasses. Wahhh, that screws up the whole math! xD

So if you whant to have glasses so badly - what I actually find a bit creepy (no offense) - you just could get fake ones ;)

I can actually understand your envy. :D I only got my glasses about two years ago, and before that I was always insanely jealous of anyone who had them. What I only notice now, though, is that they're extremely impractical when you want to go swimming... and... yeah, that's it. Glasses are cool.


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