What is your biggest regret in your life thus far? If you have more than one big one, say both. Just no tears. :) 
Mine would be how I desperately tried to fit in freshman year, trying to be someone I wasn't. 

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Mine is the exact opposite. I was myself my entire childhood, and I got picked on because I didn't have any social skills or any real friends. My regret is not trying to fit in, because not fitting-in caused me a lot of pain, both physically and emotionally.

I know that this next one is going to cause a lot of contraversy, but sometimes, when I feel really insecure, I regret being a nerd. Don't get me wrong! I'm proud to be a nerd, and I love nerdfighteria, but when I see an asshole who has so much more than I do, in pretty much all aspects of life, I feel like I'd have been a happier person if I was like him, someone who isn't too afraid of hurting others feelings to let his own out, someone who (for some reason) all the girls I know would wanna date, someone who just lives for himself, not caring about others, so long as he's happy.
I know the description of that person may sound horrible, and you're probably screaming "BUT THAT PERSON SUCKS! they'll never get anywhere in life!" but, thing is, I often have serious doubts that I'll ever get anywhere in life, and I think that at least he'll have this time in his life to remember as being great, but I won't. I try so hard to please others, I end up making myself miserable. Very few people IRL seem to actually like me, and no girls seem to, and to be honest, I can't really see any reasons why they should. I get yelled at, a lot, and I feel so angry when I didn't do anything wrong, but I can't bring myself to say anything. I guess, what I'm trying to say is that I, sometimes, regret whatever it was that made me the person I am.

Jeez, that was depressing. Im really sorry.
It's fine! All I was hoping for was someone to admit they don't have a perfect life and to come clean with themselves that they missed that great opportunity or regret nit calling that person back. That sounds like a really tough situation, but being yourself is better than wearing a mask and dying inside because your "friends" don't know the real you. Just stay strong. :)
I try my best. :)


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