I just had this idea, and was wondering if anyone would be interested. It's a book club, but on skype. We can choose a new book each week, or two weeks, or whatever we decide, and then we can do a group call/chat on skype to talk about it. Also group calls/chats to decide what books to read, etc.

As per Alexander's suggestion, we'll choose a book and then take turns reading it out loud on skype (different person each week). I was thinking we could each choose one book we'd most like to read and then take a vote, or something like that. 

If you're interested post your skype username below and be sure to add everyone else who's commented! (When you add someone, be sure to mention something about the book club) 

My username is melissah975 (and cookies go to whoever can correctly guess the significance of the numbers)

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I'm interested, depending on the day/time.  My skype name is jcziegler_555.  The significance of my numbers was I was tired of fiddling with numbers to make jcziegler unique.  It was almost jcziegler_tohellwiththis.


I'm interested, but live in the UK, so I don't know whether times would be an issue. That is, if you're still running this thing...

If you are, skype name is bountyhunter134

I may be interested if this is still going. I do have the problem of getting a hold of books though. My little local library is a bit slow on getting books sometimes. skype: grunger4life


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