So, I was talking with a fellow Nerdfighter, Clover (by the way, starting this discussion was her idea not mine. Just to give credit where credit is due), about some of our favorite book covers the other day. Now, I know your not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but come on, there are some awesome book covers out there. My non-rhetorical question to all of you; what are some of your favorite covers. 

From our conversation I've gathered that the two of us like really old book covers, because there so fabulously cheesy. One of my favorites is "Stinger" by Robert McCammon:

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I'm a fan of this cover

I really like this one:

I love, love love the covers for the Leviathan trilogy. Actually, I love everything about these books, from their stories to the way they're constructed to the illustrations to the typography. But their covers are the best out there, I think.

Also, as much as I'm not fond of the story of Twilight, that series has a lovely striking cover design that was very distinct until people started copying it.
i like the canadian cover of the year of the flood

This one's nothing new I'm sure but Suite Scarlette hit me when I saw it
The copy I had was quite vivid too, this doesn't do it justice

I really love the cover for Shiver by MStiefvater. Won't say no to Torment by lauren kate either (haven't read the series though D:)

The first run of the midnighters books had amazing covers. I am trying to collect them all. The reprint looks like crap.
Oh wow. I love this cover. I've seen the reprint (they're reprinting them here with like a girl's face on the cover) and they don't come anywhere close to this.

These are the other two. What you can't tell is there are also shiny parts on the cover they are amazing.
Le Guin's Earthsea novels have gone through some really good covers over the years, like


But I have bought and rebought (and will rebuy every time I lose one of them) and sought out specifically this particular line of covers:

I couldn't really tell you why, but something about them resonates with me. To use an overused word, they're iconic to me, of something that's really true about the books themselves - they don't just grab your attention.

Yes... I'm still going on about this book. I love the cover too, the color blue and green are so beautifully mixed together! and the golden letters just add the special-ness of the book. XD



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