Hey there fellow Nerdfighters!! I'm currently OUT of ideas for books to read! This is such a first...

But anyway , I know that I could get some really awesome books recommended by you guys here!

So any suggestions, anyone?


and DFTBA!

EDIT: Also, I think this would be a really awesome spot to recommend books to ALL Nerdfighters who are in need of a good book! So, why not??

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The watchman by allen moore
I was hoping that there would be more than this. :(

I Am America and So Can You by Stephen Colbert (because well... it's Stephen Colbert)
that book was so jokes.
That book is hilarious! :)

His Dark Materials series

The Keys to the Kingdom series
Oh! I've been planning to read that series after I found a copy of Monday on the floor of my schools gymnasium! Good to find out that it's a recommendable series XD
I loveeeeeeee Keys to the Kingdom. Really, I just love all Garth Nix's books
Yeah, Garth Nix is good. I love Sabriel! :) And it's really fun to listen to on tape because Tim Curry reads it! MADE OF WIN!
Yay! I'm loving all of the new books and adding them to my list to check them out!!
perks of being a wallflower-stehpen chbosky
Vampire Diaries series-L.J. smith
Nightworld series-L.J. Smith
Demonata series-Darren Shan
Smack-Melvin Burgess
13 Reasons Why-Jay Asher
Sweep series-Cate Tiernan
This Lullaby-Sarah Dessen
Just Listen-Sarah Dessen
Angels and Demons-Dan Brown
Deception Point-Dan Brown
Vampire Academy series-Richelle Mead
Mortal Instruments trilogy-Cassandra Clare
Tex-S.E. Hinton
Go Ask Alice
13 Little blue envelopes-Maureen Johnson
Girl at Sea-Maureen Johnson
Evernight-Claudia Gray
The Witch of Blackbird Pond-Elizabeth George Speare
Any John Green book
Harry Potter-if you have yet to pick them up. I was surprised to learn that there are people who haven't read them yet.
Gemma Doyle Trilogy-Libba Bray
The Devouring-Simon Holt
The lovely bones-alice sebold
Stargirl-Jerry Spinelli
Chinese Handcuffs-Chris Crutcher
Crooked-Laura and Tom McNeal
A Certain Slant of Light-Laura Whitcomb
Thanks for all of the options!! I have read Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns. And Katherines is currently being shipped to me :) I have read Harry Potter (I have been a fan since 2000). But thanks for all of the other book ideas.. I'll look into them!
The End of Mr. Y - Scarlett Thomas. AMAZING BOOK!!


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