I'm Luna and I LOVE reading, but I don't know which books to read next... 


any recommendations? 


I like stuff like John Green, harry potter, the hunger games, but I also read adult books.





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Well a lot of the books I'd recommend have already been said. but if as liked Hunger Games I feel I should suggest what everyone I know suggested right after they suggested Hunger Games, the Uglies series by Scot Westerfeld. The Midnighters series by him was okay, and the Laviathen Series I read in two and a half days, both of theses by the same author.

 I also recommend the Rangers Apprentice series by John Flanagan.There are ten books to the series, but it's not like some series where the should have stopped after two books. If anything I think he could have gotten at least one more full book from it.

 Also When I'm between books I read comics and Manga till I find a new  "real" book.

I read the first book of the uglies series and the half of the second but, please don't hate me, I didn't really like it that much. I read the first book of the Rangers Apprentice series, it's a fun read, but the writing style is a bit simple (not to sound arrogant or something, I loved the book, but it just isn't targeted to my age i'm 14, but the books are more for like 10 yr old according to my local bookstore} and before you start thing, well you don't really seem to write decent sentences, that's because english isn't my native or second language. But I don't mean any of these things in a mean, inslulting or arrogant way; I really don't. I'm pretty harsh when it comes to criticizing books. I once even wrote an author a letter in which I criticized his ending. And told him that I would liked to book better if it had more of a negative ending. He wrote me a letter back telling me that he liked happy endings, but that he defiantly understood whyt I would've want a negative one. He also said I had a lot of courage for actually criticizing his work and not just writing a "omg yoour book is so epic" fan letter. I was 12 then.

sorry for the stupid story :S

and for the stupid reply

Yes t takes awhile for his writing to mature. I can see where that would turn you off to the books but it gets better, or maybe the story just gets better and you don't notice everything else. Once you get to the third book it stops being a book I would let a ten year old read. Out of curiosity, What was the book you criticized when you were twelve?

it's a dutch book, fromm a dutch author but it's called andijvie met een plastic vork and it's by Sebastiaan Leeneart.

I was kinda wondering about that too yeah. What book you criticised and all. I'd love to get a letter back from an author, but I'd never manage to gather up enough courage to actually write them a letter first :S.

start with unknown authors. I never wrote to English/ america authors. English isn't my native language so that would be awkward because I'm quite terrible at it. Those authors usually are more popular that the dutch ones so that's why I always get replies back from them (the dutch authors}

There's isn't really anything in Dutch that I think worthy (good or horrible enough) of sending a letter to the author. I was never a fan of all the books we had to read in class :S.

You speak Dutch? and I don't agree with you. you have to just read more than the books they tell you to read in class. But that's easy to say for me because I  never have to read a certain book in class we just get to choose any book over 100 pages. I once got to do one that had 90. The teacher just said don't mention it to anyone ok haha LOL

Yeah I am Dutch! I just live in Scotland now because I study there. We got to choose books for class too, but the only one that I read and liked was this poetry book by Piet Paaltjens. The thing is though, I mainly read fantasy and scifi, and there is not a lot of that in Dutch. Unless you read kids books, and obviously this was not allowed :-(.
What is your favourite Dutch book, if I may ask. I'd have to think about mine, because I don't read very many. But I always did love Thea Beckman. 

The Percy Jackson books are always awesome.... but for adult-books, I highly recommend The Help and the Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay (both long but extremely worth it!!) 

I read 4 books yesterday, 4, and I started reading at 1 pm. I am crzy. I just finished the lover's Dictionary


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