Best Book Titles to add In My Pants at the end of?

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A series of unfortunate events.. in your pants

Great expectations... in your pants

All I can think of right now is We Broke Up in Your Pants and Its Kind of a Funny Story in Your Pants.


The Color Purple...In My Pants. (actually, that sounds like a serious medical problem)

The hair of Berenice in my pants

To kill a mockingbird in my pants

The invisible child in my pants your pants. 

Wicked Plants...In My Pants.

Mozart's Sister... in your pants.

Right, I also had fun watching it.

The Casual Vacancy... in your pants. 

Crime & Punishment... in my pants.

Merhhh T_T

Hahahahaha, The Perks of Being a Wallflower in your pants.

His Majesty's Dragon in my pants



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