Best Book Titles to add In My Pants at the end of?

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God's my pants xD

Moby Dick ... in my pants (I wish)

Fifty Shades of Gray ... in my pants

Whoomp, There It Is ... in my pants (more likely) ... wait, isn't that a song title?

on dangerous ground.. in my pants 

I have several as my dad tends to read books that are made much, much better by the addition of "in your pants" :

Battle Cry of Freedom (in your pants)

1000 Sacred Places (in your pants)

Where To Go and When (in your pants)

Fighting Talk (in your pants)

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in your pants 

(Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, will there be enough room?)

Adrian Mole and the weapons of mass destruction in my pants

Play title: "Waiting for Godot" ... in my pants

Movie title: "Finding Nemo" ... in my pants

Movie title: "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" ... in my pants

The Taming of the Shrew.. in my pants  

A Streetcar named Desire.. in my pants

ermm.... Great Expectations in my pants......

The Divine Comedy, In Your Pants.

The terror... in my pants.

Things my girlfriend and I have argued about... in my pants.


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