In my short time in nerdfighteria (and I mean very short so correct me if I'm wrong about anything) I've noticed that the glue that holds the whole community together apart from combating world suck seems to be a love of books. I for one think books are really, really boring. Granted there are exceptions to the rule (JOHN GREEN) or maybe I just haven't been reading the right ones but over say the past few years I've read (well, I tried) about nine and finished about four.

I just think there's something tiring about having to use words and words alone to get entertainment. I hear all this talk of using your imagination but anytime I try this while reading I just blank out and then I have to read what I missed over and over again. So my first question on this subject is do you think books are boring or less entertaining than a movie, game or a tv show.

My second question is do you frown upon people who don't read and do you consider yourself above them in a way (not meant to be an insult). For me at least, anytime I've tried to read a novel it's been because I want to feel a bit smarter about myself. I tell myself that if I read I'll be better than people who watch nothing but MTV all day. Of course, the above reasons quickly eliminate any feeling of self-reward. So my second question is do you feel smarter than other people for reading books regularly and my last question, is some of the motivation for you reading wanting to feel smarter about yourself.


Written at half past midnight, feel free to correct any obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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Well I agree that books can be boring. I myself love a good book. I enjoy books that are of more the quest type, young protagonist, gets their self thrown into a new world and goes on a bunch of mini-adventures until they reach the final destination and defeat the antagonist and not only saves the world but becomes a better person in the process. Very exciting stuff. There is something about reading a good book that can be better than other forms of story telling, maybe the detail that goes into it, how easy it can be to get lost in the tale.

I have come across people who have never finished a whole book and I do look down on them a bit. To those people who want to read and but find it a bit too much work, try graphic novels. I love graphic novels and they can be just as amazing as  regular novels. Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Batman: the Dark Knight returns and so many others are all good quality books.

Nice opinion. I just wanted to add one of my favorite graphic novels. The Gunslinger. It's part of the dark tower series originally series of novels by Steven King.

1. I think it depends entirely on which book and movie/game/TV show you're comparing. And on what mood I'm in. Usually, I like books better because I get more to a character than their actor's face and their displayed emotions; because I see the setting how I see it and not as everyone sees it; because some fiction simply can't be done justice by imaging technology.


2. I think that books help people become more well-rounded, more imaginative, deeper thinking, and (generally) more intelligent than those people who watch TV exclusively and constantly. I think people should read more and I generally don't enjoy the company of those who don't like to read. ...I guess I don't think I look down on people who don't read, per se, but I don't generally like them. In my experience, anyway, people who don't read are that way because they're either impatient and used to the instant gratification of television, or think that "books are stupid and/or nerdy", and therefore refuse to read. And I like intelligent, open-minded people.


3. If I do, it's entirely subconscious. One reason I read certain things that might be considered similar to that is simply to have the experience of reading a particular author or book, not because I actually would be interested in it otherwise. (Does that sentence make grammatical sense? I think not.) But I don't do that often.

1. I personally find novels extremely boring. I like to read textbooks. As far as entertainment value I think movies, games, or tv shows are far more captivating than any book (including textbooks).


2. I do not frown upon anyone. People who read a lot can be very vapid and full of their "knowledge" from reading. I am not saying that all people who read are vapid or that most of them are. Take Einstein for instance, he failed school. Do you think he was motivated enough to even read the literature he was given? My guess is no. Reading can make you better or smarter than others but I believe that judging someone based on their activities is wrong. Judging them on what they gain is more reasonable.


3.I do feel smarter for reading textbooks. Not so much after reading a novel. I feel I know things that others don't but I also feel that even if they read it or not we could both still know the same amount.


4. My motivation for reading textbooks is to learn. My motivation for reading novels is to imagine a story in which I can escape reality or connect with a character.

So you read textbooks for fun? I have to say that's probably the first time I've heard that. I guess learning a subject outside of when you're being forced to do it by the state can make the studying a lot more enjoyable

Yeah I do sort of. I went to college to study Mechanical Engineering. I am forced to buy a book to use for the class and I enjoy reading them. I have been known to read ahead as well. My other option (instead of reading) is to take really good notes since most people teach from the book anyway but I prefer to read instead of taking notes. That is what I meant by for fun. It is also way more enjoyable than when I was in high school.  

Einstein didn't fail at school, thats just a rumor. The man was a genius he didn't have to do jack shit to pass.
Well then I perpetuated the rumor. I try to stick to the facts so, sorry for that.
No worries, it's cool.

I don't really find any one medium superior, I think I'm more inclined to pick up a book than a film or a game but each have there own pros and cons and each are appropriate for different situations and the mood which I'm in at the time. 

Personally when I hear someone say they don't like books I really can't understand it. For me books are like any other medium. What I mean is, you don't love every film you see or every song you listen to, in fact I bet you hate some of them. Well it's the same with books, there are going to genres and authors you love to read and you hate. For example I love reading Sci-Fi and dystopian novels but I don't normally like chic-lit. Or I love reading John Greens books but I detest reading anything Stephanie Meyer has written. 

I probably am quite judgemental when people say they dislike books but it really annoys me cause, like I said, it's just a matter of finding an author or genre you enjoy. (I'd just like to point out this is not a dig at you or anyone else)

Man, books are the mother fucking shit. I be talking to my companians and they be all like, "Ohhhhh readin is fo nerds, people who read are bitches, fuck that stupid ass shit yo" but I be like, "Yo man whatever, knowledge is power, books are like some ol' gangsta shit yo." I be readin' like some philosophy shitz sometimes, like I be readin some Friedrich Nietzsche (Walter Kaufmann playa!) You know some Beyond Good and Evil man, you know how I do, and my friends come up to me and they be all like "What is this shit?" And I be like "Man, I'm just going my little Nietzsche readin thing, ya know I do" and they is like "Nietzsche is a little bitch" and I be all like "Hey man, playa, you has yo way, and I has my way, as for like the correct and shit, it just doesn't exist yo." and they just be like whateva mayn, but it's still cool cause they're my friends and shit.

In summery, reading is really important but I don't look down on those who don't enjoy it.
Nice diction. It was funny.


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