The Yule Ball is fast approaching now! Don't miss the social event of the season!

This is the 7th annual Yule Ball and the first Nerdfighter Yule Ball gathering! Come out and see The Whomping Willows lament being a tree, Potter Puppet Pals wonder what that Mysterious Ticking Noise is and Draco and the Malfoys final show! The last time the words "my dad is rich and your dad is dead" will be sung from a stage while an audience gleefully chants it back. And if that isn't enough Harry and the Potters will of course be headlining.

Tickets are $15 with five dollars going to the HPA. It's at the Middle East Downstairs and doors open at 5:00, I figured that we could all get there right at five and hang out before the show starts. There is a restaurant upstairs too if anyone wants to grab something to eat.

This is the Yule Ball after all so wizard robes or ridiculous thrift store formal wear is encouraged, it makes it more fun when you dress the part! I am so excited it is going to be so much fun! Leave any questions or suggestions below.


Event page:


Get tickets here: b/4053265/mideastrestauran t

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Just a bump to make sure that everyone who this applies to knows about this.


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