It's happened to all us. Geek, Nerd, Dork, you've heard them at least once in your life. So, I have called a non-violent retaliation order. For any one who is bullied, here is what to do. To have a bit of fun, stare at them when their no looking, and when they ask you what your looking at say, something ugly or I don't know, some kind of dog turd. For serious bullying cases, tell them to go away or something bad will happen, because deep down, all Nerds have a Hulk in them that needs to come out. If it dosn't stop, email me at  

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Not always, as I have seen in many cases, being bullying is often caused by the attitude of both parties conflicting. It may be influenced by emotional responses, but that alone is not the root of the problem. I was bullied until I decided that I didn't want to be and changed myself as to not conflict that of the other party.

In my dictionary attitude is everything from the way you dress to the way you talk. If you give them no reason to bully you, you will not be bullied.

What's more, you will be bettering yourself at the same time.
Not at all. He didn't change himself. He just changed his attitude, his response to it.
And by "bettering" he probably meant like toughening up, answering back and fighting back instead of simply ignoring.
Since I'm a girl,and I only get bullied by girls, It's always verbal bullying. Before 2nd grade, it was all immature stuff, like saying "Lauren is Boring"(except boring being pronounced "Borin"). Then in 2nd grade this one group of girls teased me for having guy friends and putting chips in my tuna sandwich. In 3rd grade I was once gossiped about and lied about. That stuff has continued to this day.
Now their is this girl who likes nerdy stuff, yet she's a jerk. Whenever I try to do something nice for her, she's mean back to me. She's probably just jealous because every teacher somehow likes me.
Bullied in elementary.
Friends with the same people in high-school.
Kids are just mean, and kids just follow the crowd.
Sort of glad it happened though, I realized I don't need friends...but they're nice to have around.
I realized I don't need friends...but they're nice to have around.

This is so true and I think it's a huge problem for a lot of people. I know I was bullied a lot growing up, even by my friends. Always emotional, not physical. I never knew what to do about it. In high school it was more my friends making comments about me than anyone else. It's now my last year of high school and after finding John and Hank and the nerdfighters I realized that I didn't need the people I was trying so hard to be friends with. I will find people who like me for who I am. I stopped worrying about the "friends' and now the comments they make don't bother me.
Oh well. I support this cause sincerely but I've never been bullied because I've ALWAYS been the tallest girl in my class. So yeah :/

Also, kids at school do not bully dorks and geeks here. They bully people from other countries ):
If a bully calls you a nerd just say "I prefer intellectual badass."

Well aside from that joke (which I do actually use and it gets people off me for making a joke at their "Offense") sometimes I just feel like snapping, they don't care much about what I look like, they just know they can mess with me because of my pacifism.
To be honest, I don't think many people who go on NERDFIGHTERS.NING.COM have a self-esteem low enough to be bothered by bullying. If you do, going on this website isn't going to make things better!!!
I don't understand what you mean.. going on nerdfighters could help your self confidence because it's a way of finding other people who are like you. A way to figure out it's okay to be a nerd.
Bullies are such lonely people that the answers I'd imagine are allies and pacifism. If you empathize with a bully, you'll find them locked up and trying to be liked without a plan. I was bullied when I moved to a new school in 3rd grade. By 5th grade, I was able to find good company and with whom I could be friends with. Bullies can't go after a group because a group can't be singled out and brought down like an individual can. And, sorry to say, being proud of a difference is fuel. If they can't find what they're looking for in you (your unique characteristic which they can kick around), they'll move on or maybe even give up (cross your fingers).

As for physically biting back, I'm glad to see so many people willing to fight the problem by joining it's cause. To fight bullying with bullying? Counterproductive to the maximum. To me, violence is definitely not the answer. So sorry.

It's like the old proverb: More flies can be caught with a spoonful of honey than with a gallon of vinegar.
Why insult them at all? Why not just point out that later in life, you will be their boss and you'll remember everything that they ever said or did. Of course, I was never really bullied. I pretty much made friends with everyone.
Because you probably won't be their boss. Yeah, people always say that but there can only be so many bosses in the world. If you were never bullied, then you don't really understand. (Not to be read in an angry tone, just a statement)


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